Male Competency: Jokes, Family Units and Wealth #whynohunksinbeerads #malecompetence #masculinity

This is one heck of a spontaneous post!
Putting together 3 posts in an unusually energetic moment, I’m watching another ‘comedic’ beer ad.
Apparently we don’t consider hunky dudes drinking beers as a selling point socially.
That’s for gyms (so unfair)
So what we, the peasants, get is a (The Hangover) guy like Zach Galifianakis failing at life and yet being super relatable to most men.
Like Joe Tribbiani from FRIENDS. Or name any other ‘simple’ minded guy on TV.

Cue a global crisis of men without purpose, mental health issues, sliding into drugs sex and rockn’roll until they hit 60 – or until they hit an inspiring network.

It’s funny because society justifies their f&^k ups. It doesn’t matter if they actually live with their parents at 35, turned to mush in mental clinics, suffer from anxiety and depression hence can’t do emotional relationships, got over 5 baby mamas, a ton of crazy exes (somehow we don’t flag down our good looking men for egotistic tendencies?) it’s like we’ve just dismissed the whole power of healthy masculinity.

Male ego, entitlement and a bunch of other things means we continue to have double standards between the genders. There’s plenty of satires on that across the east… on many platforms.

So what the heck is male competency, why does the west treat it as a joke for fun and why is it harmful to family units and ultimately – social wealth?

wealth = peace, education, evolvement, power

well…. While I mention wealth, I’m pretty sure 97% of you thought of moolah. MOHNEYYY.
It’s kind of part of the picture but not the whole thing.

A rich man is what I would consider of my stepdad: stable, solid, strong work ethic, presence, gifted an inheritance by his parents, enjoys his material possessions and knows his priorities. And loves his woman. 

That woman would be my mum and she can be a character, which is OK because there’s traits she has that he enjoys watching.

Back to male competence and wealth: a functioning, processing man of morals and good values will have competence naturally because he does something for a long time and as a man, his nature is to fix things.

But socially if men don’t have check ins, check ups and guidance by wise mentors – they fall into the ‘so what’ lifestyle where they just use materials for their own selfish delights. .. or maybe they’re being used by their jobs and their women?  

No pressure. No purpose. The bar is so low that as long as a man does no harm and maintains a job, people go ‘cool, keep that up’

But why the heck do we joke about male incompetency?

One theory is that it’s our way of coping with tragedy. I fell into comedy at 16 to cope with a barely-there father figure which coincided with steve irwin’s passing.

Another theory is that it feeds the narrative of feminism and women justifying belittling men and being bitter about whatever it is a man couldn’t deliver on promise.

It actually doesn’t help that men tend to satirize themselves.  So this is a huge social thing.

But when fatherless homes are on the rise as well as domestic violence and a plethora of other things like a terrible dating market – you need to fact check your g-damn jokes.

I know I did. I was telling myself all kinds of jokes about my inner self until I KNEW I had to change a few stories so that I was only making fun of myself for real jokes not for the pain I was holding since my teenagehood.

Of course. Male ego hides in the jokes too. Comedy is a reflection of status quo, that is one of its powers which I honour here. If we’re making fun of a man’s desperate plea for help covered in LOLs and LMAO ……

Maybe it’s the tragedy of the millennium but jokes about male incompetency just points toward something else.

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