Surprises And Attention: Reasons Virgos Make Amazing Partners #virgo #earthsign #relationshipgoals

I think the reason I cause so much intrigue is because I live life low key (lol not so much soon) which is somehow in alignment with the way earth signs live.

I have realized that since living in Sydney I managed to attract a bunch of earth signs – romantically and in business – and I guess that’s my system saying ‘plant your butt down Anna’ because I enjoy grounded, deep and pragmatic discussions.

Tauruses, Virgos and Capricorns have this in spades. It doesn’t hurt that half my natal chart is Capricorn. My stepdad and I relate a lot to each other and it funny enough, baffles him but not me.

Then there’s the part where my moon is in pisces so I sponge up energies and empathize more than perhaps another .. ahem… April Aries.

So. Virgos. I started reading about them since a guy that I liked, had his moon sign in it. And it’s not a sign that draws attention to itself … unlike the more extraverted and fiery signs.

So I found out what the deal was. They enjoy surprising people they care about. Even if caught in a cultural mismatch. And not one earthie wasn’t up for PDA so I don’t get the fuss about them not showing romantic feelings or attraction.

I had one waiting for a kiss. I had one asking for a kiss in half-joke. Then another boldly, up right, on a boat, told me to kiss him. It was supposed to be a ‘question’. Thankfully for the last one, I was actually attracted and felt no pressure to actually plant one.
Ah, cheek kisses and expectations

They enjoy being in service of others. It doesn’t matter how small or big, they seem to enjoy a challenge without bragging about it. Rarely have I ever been in the company of an earthie that didn’t know how to summarize what he does. Or what he likes.

They enjoy analyzing things in detail. So the communications for them has never been an issue. They might be economical though – ONE taurus boy enjoyed his cars and gadgets and camera equipment and professed his hobbies were funded by his job. Another one made seasonal clothes a thing he needed to get on top of – while buying all the gadgets for his bicycle lifestyle.

I guess the most unfortunate part between all of those I have met – was that energetically they were not ready for a partner. In between jobs, just starting to establish themselves, or starting work again – the attraction died with the lack of effort.

I’m now entertaining the thought of an air sign boyfriend but with only consideration for a libra, I have no idea how I would survive with one. This half mermaid likes some calm and stability in her life XD

Want attention? The earthies don’t do things halfway. Prepare for note taking, good wine, boss moves and if you lean in – a steamy smooch.

The headaches for an earthie start with lack of patience if you want a commitment fast. I’ve seen two couples in the taurus=capri range. And they work out for a reason. And you need to know how you want to be loved. If service, quality company and food is high on your agenda then you’re doing well. If you want theatrical displays of attention, intense stares and competitive banter then an immature fire sign might do it for you. If you want name dropping, a phone buzzing, complaints on menu and critique on world issues and social circles then it’s a water and air sign for you.

I’m only half exaggerating.

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