De Medici Of Florence: What I Don’t Envy #demedici #historicalpower #modernlove #florence

 I haven’t actually managed to watch the De Medici’s that Netflix offers but I have seen the fan videos, trailers, behind the scenes footage. And I’m quite thankful for the following insights:

Entitled men

crappy sex

having your livelihood dictated by family and power, not love and mutual respect ??

almost all family labours being taken for granted because the jobs are ‘duty’ bound.

having to put up with blatant sexual escapades right in your own home. Because the husband owns virtually everything.

bringing up deep symbolism since there’s not much expression you’re allowed to as a woman apart from caring for family, community and the household. And being loyal to the man you signed your life to.

The weirdest part is that you get into all of that and then start the cycle again by marrying your kids off to equally powerful people.

Heating from aristocratic family houses does not look that appealing, thankgod for modern housing.

the serious analysis of sex scenes makes you realize they got it on so that they could make babies and attraction was there but emotions and love …. Very rarely.

respect and mutual admiration and appreciation comes WAY down the line when powerful couples face huge odds of death on their front porch. Because rebellions and political scandals.

Not much has changed 600 years later except we have way more empowerment and spirituality and technological innovations. But powerful families still do the same thing. I mean affluent families.

I’m getting the impression the women are the ones who kept power and banks working because my god some dudes were suicidal and angry at the world and their women had to literally keep so much going with all the violence and tempers.

The amount of analysis and explanation for some scenes from 1400 on youtube comments is impressive since people are trying to understand the power dynamics as they’re so different to the ones we have now – especially fashion and body language.

For something different and dramatic it’s worth watching especially since henry 8th and other western histories have had the spotlight.

It’s also a bit more aesthetically pleasing to watch. No girl will ever say no to a hot dude in a white shirt and no guy says no to an olivia wilde look alike in pearls and off the shoulder dresses XD

The fact that Cossimo kisses Contessina on their first meeting after forcing her against a wall and dictating the conditions of their coming marriage – tells us either the director wanted to put a different tone on the scene or the body language and trade language was quite different to the one we have now. A youtube comment made me realize EVERYONE was wondering the same thing.

‘to seal the deal’ actually makes sense thanks to a marriage of convenience, interest and power.
It also leads down a psycho rabbit hole where cosimo is telling himself his future wife isn’t as hot as she actually is and wants to keep his rage against his dad. According to the viewers.

Kinda reminds me why I never managed to hook up with an Italian. XD so much ra-ra!

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