P.S. I Love You And True Rebirths: When Loved Ones Pass Away #truestory #rebirth

P.s. I love you and True Rebirths: when loved ones pass away #truestory #rebirth

Sometime during 2020 I found myself getting triggered far too much by death scenes in movies. My family was still grieving my grandpas passing and I felt it in many ways. Such as cuddling my mum while watching frozen 2 as the snowman was dying in a scene and hearing a noise and physical closeness. It was intense. I patted and stroked her head, thinking yowza.

Then there’s the time mum told me grandpa had given a ‘code’ for dealing with grandma and it deeply reminded me of the theme in P.S I love you.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that when I tell my japanese girlfriend and her mum about the shenanigans from The Other Side – computer being switched on, repeat numbers everywhere, music turning off and feeling grandpas energy in my dream – they agree that family watches over us. Its a thing.

But what starts to irritate me is my crazy trigger of sadness when I see death scenes. So using my spiritual enlightenment and all that I’ve experienced that would make no sense to an earthy pragmatic person I decided I would celebrate the passing of a loved one. It was a celebration of life and a continuation of their philosophy. Just because their body was not functioning, didn’t mean their spirit was gone. Its basically physics. Spirit has energy and it can’t be annihilated. It goes somewhere.

My earthly body takes time to acknowledge this and my spiritual body is like ‘hallelujah she got it”
I’m looking to keep my sanity with info overload, public distrust, a pandemic and a ton of astrological shifts.

Then I come across a chat with a family friend who’s partner passed away several months ago and he tells me he made a vow to keep moving and doing in her name. I also, just before the funeral party, decided the partner would have been proud of the walk I had finally done across a park I had never managed to go through before, on my way to the party.

Then at times I do something essential especially when I thought I was tired and believe, grandpa would have been happy.

About the family friend… I saw some curious shifts in the family. The original family members were gathering around and the fathers priorities changed. Especially with his son and ex wife who I befriended. And the whole house took a major change in furniture and there was a dog basket on the balcony corner.

In so many ways Rebirths cleared space for new life and that’s the attempt I make of viewing death in life. Its a journey but its a healthy one. My body still wants to cry because physical intimacy but my soul already knows everything. Like, everything.

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