Roaring 20s In 2021 #loopy #prohibitionlaws #youredoingitillegally

Aside from shorter heels being worn in 1920 and speeches being far more courteous and poetic, I have found a ton that we have in common with roaring 20s in 2021.
Yes it feels like 2020 is still here because we wait on vaccines, normal regulations and to travel freely like before – but dang it, 2021 will be different.

Like I needed a party boat in Sydney harbour to cement the idea of wanting to let loose, yet having laws making no sense and causing everyone to analyse how to safely navigate the public and have a good time at the same time…

You can’t.

Not legally.

Prohibition laws caused smuggling. Prohibition laws caused many things to come up.

Likewise on the party boat the rules technically, were that you could not stand with a drink and you could not dance on the boat. So the moment the organizers caught the water police coming around, a warning was made and security team walked around beseeching party goers to follow the rules.
So we sat and momentarily I lost orientation of the harbour – everything just lights, eerie quiet and someone booming instructions and water sounds.

The roaring 20s, prohibition laws and the party landscape was natural after 4 years of war.
Not that we have full-on war right now, but we do have war ravaged countries and regions with conflict. And this year long battle with a bio threat? It’s morally exhausting.

Also partially why I like to record my movements and post on social media perhaps 12-24 hours later. A life away from the digital space is sweet. But not everyone can afford it.

Roaring 20s in 2021

Loopy as heck.

Hard to dress up unless there’s a theme.

Prohibition laws feeling the same as the whole ‘don’t touch each other -keep a distance- no partying’ rules.

Trying to keep functioning and remembering the good times – cautiously – is legit.

People have developed compassion and do much more to try connect wherever they are.

It was also about the blues and jazz and if we remix the two, we get better melodies than the noises of raves… people have been going back to 90s classics for the wholesome lyrics to actually sing to.

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