The Adulting Playbook by The Anna #adulting #newstandards #2020milestones

By the power invested in me, I hereby declare the following as milestones of adulthood for anyone born between 85-95 and further. Because we feel invisible thanks to old standards of adulthood pre corruption and internet etc.

Renting a place consistently and successfully for over 6 months and more
Functioning heart and mind.
Refusal to be tempted to stab the Karens, and other obnoxious entitled seniors
Making it to the weekend

Not repeating toxic patterns with exes
Not trashing friends and family online
Having a family in whichever order: baby, house, marriage, engagement.
Successfully identifying the cause of bruises, anxieties and antisocial behaviours

Not giving up on life due to extreme rigged matrix of elites, zoomers, boomers, billionaires and being
unemployed for a greater period than 3 months
Seeking resources to understand all social and political movements
Resisting temptation to argue publicly
Having fun with sophisticated banter in the dms

Communicating appreciation to family and friends
Celebrating self development over all social and economic pressures for any time period
Supporting local business, no matter how small or big.
Having a house party for any move ins whether rental or mortgage

Successfully keeping kids alive whether married or not
Managing togetherness in a supportive community
Removing yourself from toxic communities without a sound – online and offline
Celebrating manageable motherhood and fatherhood, no matter the advantage or disadvantaged background.

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