Toasting Sober Moments with Brunette Bombshells #brunetteishot #gravityofthesituation #darksparkles

Speaking to a well read, experienced gentleman living in Canada I thankfully came across a cool gif of Anne Hathaway toasting a champagne glass while on Instagram. We had as always, gone through very deep subjects (mmm mmm) but this topic was surprisingly sober and unexpectedly sad as we spoke from kimye split to the #freebritney movement.

On the couch I surfed youtube videos of Britneys choreographies and saved some others for later.

This woman made such classics that you wanted to sing them on the street, the melody and lyrics easy to comprehend and copy (which is how you know it’s a classic) and then the acting and dancing – not everyone who hits stardom consistently has been graced with these attributes.

So it’s kinda sad that the same woman is now trapped in a world of control and issues. Surely by being such a Rockstar, superstar, classic pop queen you could be living better? I mean every businessman wants to retire and be financially free given the right opportunity. The celebrities who are known by one name just want to keep performing their passions and give back to people.

So as me and the Canadian gentleman part ways in the chat I am thrilled to find a gif that can capture the moment perfectly especially when most gifs are way too American when you’re trying for artistic, true and human. Not incredibly satirical and mocking.

Anne Hathaway making an elegant wink toasting a champagne. And we both love it.

Then it hits me. We need grounded yet warm, charming yet grave personalities to go with the brown hair. To go with life situations that could have done better. And to toast the better times, wishing health and peace.

Because light lights are just that – light, appealing, approachable, easy. Then there’s moments where you’re in a darker mood or wish to represent a graver, sober time.

And that is why you have brunette bombshells. They are just appealing as the blond bombshells, perhaps even more so because they’re understated and not as hugely advertised thanks to Hollywood.

Hair is a mood and a vibe and a great canvas to represent different phases in life.

The notorious RBG – Anne Hathaway – Vivien Leigh – and all the rest are great representations of deep things in life – at least in the media but certainly proven.

Because not everything can be solved by a party, sometimes you need grave acknowledgment of the moment.

Deep stuff for deep stuff.
Charm doesn’t have a face, it’s a feeling and a personality and a mindset. And for good representation brunettes win every time.

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