Baywatch, Slow Mo And 80’s Drama. #slowmo #baywatch #insomnia

I won’t hesitate to say that I’ll watch anything that includes water, the beach or the ocean in a TV series or a movie. It’s the sweet release of water while the world keeps struggling with the pandemic of 2020.

But then watching 2 episodes of Baywatch while having insomnia at 1am Australian eastern time, I noticed a few things that would not apply to todays world AND made me go ‘nawww’

The fact that Pamela decided to stick with beach patrol instead of modelling full time.

How long the camera stayed on the characters with the romantic vibes

The refreshing camera set up on the scenes: wholesome views, clear faces and slow transitions

How much its obvious Baywatch was successful thanks to pretty people in it – pretty people with muscle and real hardcore plots like life or death situations

the amount of nostalgia when characters reflected on their situations

getting to blatantly check out muscle and abs and sweet eyes of David Hasselhoff right at the end of beginning credits

The fact that the men and women look out for each other in the patrol, seeing a sense of camaraderie and friendship

When Pam told David that a photographer believed in her and made her feel the feels (lol he was French and they always come with sexual vibes) David tells her as he gets into his car, ‘I believe in you as well’. Cute. And makes a point.

Somehow the slow mo captures the goodness of humanity and gives both sides enough time to show their true colours – the evil one overdoing it and ‘looking bad’ – the good one clearly looking cute and concerned.

Every single crime scene somehow has water as a solution. About to be burned into a crisp on the edge of the pier? Break out of the hut and dive into the water. Going on a hot date? Do a beach side dinner.

It all reminds me a bit of Bondi Rescue – the Australian reality tv version – except ours doesn’t always deal in hardcore drugs and crazy Americans. It deals with saving anyone on the beach – tourist, Asian, children etc – and the life of the regular beach patrol team.

Baywatch is sweeter on the eyes because the sun isn’t in your face while Bondi Rescue gets plenty of sun. So much sun that either the Australian team has sunglasses on filming, while sun streams into the control center or the Australian team squints while in conversation and tries to revive whoever got thrown by the waves – pinched by a board or jellyfish.

Something about the slow mo actually feels innocent – all the time in the world to capture running, drama and just the slow pacing is so different to what we have now. These days the slow mo points to some epic move everyone can follow almost like watching a sports match – or outline every second of a thrilling scene.

It’s gone from ‘check out this beauty’ to ‘lets give everyone adrenaline’.

Or maybe the 80s had slow mo to show adrenaline too – people were just accustomed at a slower speed of camera shooting?

The 80s filming techniques are funny to follow like when the name of the series comes up and 2 words criss cross slowly. It’s the use of the environment in the name plus something added from the slow mo pacing… literally you get what you see. Which is wholesome and beautiful compared to all the true crime series we get now.

Nowadays its all about drama, adrenaline and making impact from the first scene. Here it’s just pure story telling and the struggle of a team of people keeping beach siders away from death and trouble.

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