Oceans 8 And Why I Loved It Spoilers Included, Soz #refreshing #girlgang #oceans8 #heistmovie

I have a confession to make – on the year that Oceans 8 came out my mum recommended I watch it and…. I didn’t.
well up until last night, I think on 30th December 2020 as I’m manifesting more cool stuff – something about it felt right.

On TV I caught the last 30 mins so I of course dug into Netflix and found myself rewinding scenes like twice. And credits maybe 5 times – the music was in my vibe.

I kinda love the movie for different reasons – and being the crazy year its been, I think some entertainment critique is necessary

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Ya gotta admire the tenacity and drive of a woman who wants to frame the man who got her in jail – and plotted the whole heist. During a 5 year jail term.
Gotta love a good revenge story – and I mean the non-petty type, like the stuff you can sink your teeth into. Partly why it kept my attention – the way the story was revealed.

A lot of women do trust implicitly. And… get used.

I love the attention to detail of using just about every resource – from hacking, cameras, use of delivery dudes, distractions and cubic zirconium and glasses downloading images in real time. The uses of ‘mules’ and indirect passing of messages.

Thanks to the social status quo of genders there’s A LOT women can get away with and my jaw dropped as the girls took on different services to take care of business-like camera blind spots, loads of distractions and infiltrating magazine businesses like VOGUE (impressive and almost unrealistic seeing as in todays environment jobs are a joke) and the MET Gala services.

As the gorgeous protagonist admitted, ‘a HIM will draw attention and we need something that won’t’ while her partner in crime was showing candidates for one of the 8 jobs they were looking to fill.

And honestly she was totally right. Using a hugely female centric cast was at huge advantage especially since they were all low key and I loved it for that reason – and that logic.

I’ve also found huge power in being low key so I relate a lot to those types of characters.
Weirdly, being low key enables you to live your life and … the same goes for your love life. Ish. Committed long term relationships don’t fit that vibe XD

My mum said ‘it’s amazing because it’s so twisted’ and I took that as a good sign to watch. Also Anne Hathaway in a high profile role is amazing to watch – and the real kicker is the ending.

They might steal the jewels and get rich undetected – the protagonist also takes care of the ‘aftermath’ which means the insurance fraud detective has a private chat with the thief (and he KNOWS its her but thanks to the way the justice system works he can only ask her for evidence of the crime so his job can be over because he knows the ways of HER FAMILY) – I swear one of the coolest scenes in the movie) and she basically negotiates with him to get a piece of the necklace.

He is more than happy to find a piece of the necklace that ends the job he’s on. And he is impressed by the manoeuvre that the protagonist takes on – audibly.

What does the whole movie plenty of grace is the final scene with the gang together. They’re human. Tons of flaws. Tons of humour.

The fact that the figure they used to gain attention with that necklace – appeared in the media first, and using social climbing tactics Debbie Ocean could secure the attention of the woman she needed for the job – priceless.

The same woman decided to use the threat of insurance fraud detective’s movements to access Oceans 8 crew – to loads of questioning from the crew. A highly intelligent criminal activity typically has high risk attached to anything they do so the humour in the questions the women asked – was a great way to diffuse the whole scene.

Even sweeter is that Daphne who publicly wears the necklace, brings in all the facts as a way to get ‘in’ with the group – ends up with an astonished face by the end of the scene. Love how it was produced – fascinating from start to finish.

The entire crew had needs – some were bored with the ‘stable’ life, others were street people with hacking and pickpocketing skills. Another was in the diamond trade and needed her own place. It fit into the trade off that Debbie Ocean was offering.

Oh and the designer they used to work with Daphne, had a crashing designer career with nervous bankers, doubtful fashion figures and a debt of 5 million. Gotta love the ‘crazy’ and ‘lost’ characters next to the ones who plot. 

The fact that they had a virtually untraceable scheme reminded me of rich people’s schemes – they know the loopholes of man made systems and so they get away with high risk, high immoral activities. I mean – some people figure out what’s going on but to bring things to justice, tangible evidence is required. Never said the law system was perfect but dayum.

Gotta go. Play…. The credits for the 10th time. It’s a vibe.

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