Lol Thanks For Keeping Me Here: Thank You For 100 Followers &More #aussieblogger #havetokeepblogging #4yearanniversary #2021goals

Guys, when I started this thing I had A LOT on my mind – or let’s say – a lot of information that had to go somewhere.

I used to make thematic diary entries and grew friendships that enjoyed reading them. Then it grew into something else… I opened this blog kind of as a safe haven to rant with evidence of me living my life, while I was travelling like crazy and craved space of my own, craved to be happy (I didn’t know it yet) and since I was fighting the whole way I didn’t even realize happiness was an option. Until I got more space in 2018 and used my life experiences to benefit you as readers.

When I started this project I kept it on the down low because it was my personal candy shop. My personal space which I share with you weekly. I made that commitment when I started it – only wanting easy visibility without paying for ads etc – google obliged and kept me in the search engine.

It took 3 years to get to 40 followers because building trust through readership, links and useful points takes a while. But I got there. And because I know numbers can mean anything, I decided 100 followers would be the next ‘goal’. And then 200 followers.

I got to 100 followers on 1.1.2021 and I felt it. It feels incredible to get follower notifications in the mail – especially the times I get 3-4 followers in one session!

I like clicking on followers and finding out what they post.

While I committed to the blog, I also decided on the timeline. Say in 5 years, to take it all down and publish it all in a book. The damn thing has grown on me – the name, the Sunday deadline (now a Monday because I’ve evolved). And the feedback from the articles has been like honey.

I’ve had guys from hinge use this as the Anna Library of Stuff to Talk About, a dude I let be too casual with me for too long let me know that he’d need a month to catch up on all the posts not that he examines every word – and a majority of my committed coaching clients look at my posts and believe in my help. My Mum enjoyed the article I made on Sydney – and my guy friends have pointed out insights on social status quo, growing up and manhood. Which definitely contributed to the direction I took with coaching.

I appreciate you for appreciating me. I also lol at the fact that like with anything, we have no idea what we do in the beginning but time, universe and energy just takes us somewhere. So now I contemplate aiming for say 1k to 20k followers here, for both personal stories and positive (real) news about business, institutions and breakthroughs around the world and in Australia. I’m passionate about that and after the crazies of 2020, feel like if anyone could commit to that – it would be me. I also believe in neutral, independent news and information which is why I donated coffee money to Wikipedia at 1am GMT of 31st December (must have been 1st January Australian time).

Total fluke there because I caught the last 30 minutes of Oceans 8 on TV, got on Netflix to watch the whole thing – then looked into the movie on Wikipedia right after. Amazing excuse to get off the phone with Mum too as she loves the movie just as much as I do.

I also want to monetize this thing and frankly, it’s a great idea because I love showing and giving value – and having a give and take relationship online and offline with everything. There was a time I considered doing blogging full time (end of 2018) but after feeling out what that meant – it just didn’t grab me. There was nothing that motivated me to invest… yet.

I am in a unique spot where I talk about everything. I’m a gen z lifestyle blogger, without a ‘real’ business niche. Because I didn’t start with one in mind.

I started the blog while in the Swiss German part of Switzerland – hence the name – but in a funny way it’s become a metaphor for many things while I blog during travels and while I figured out what to do with myself in Australia.

To point out something pretty spiritual and motivating – even if you don’t believe in new years planning and resolutions (can’t really say I do either) there’s something magical and refreshing about holding onto the start of a new year for goals. I don’t go around saying ‘new year new me’ (yuck for originality) but I do go ‘holy crap this and this just happened… it’s all working out for me NOW’ 

Lots of stories. Lots of insights. Lots of learning curves and here we are.

Here’s to more – make 2021 yours ! Make it your only choice 😉

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