When You’re Hit With Mansplaining By Men You Love #mansplaining #brothers #statusquo

I mentioned here – Not Taking Sh*T As Men’s Dating Coach #behindthescenes #mensdatingcoach that I would talk about mansplaining and why all of a sudden I’m experiencing this… as Men’s Dating Coach of all things.

In the article you’ll see that in my pursuit and my passion to help men, my fellow brethren, navigate the complex world of social media – manhood and normalizing talking to girls every day, not to mention status quo socially of ‘getting a girlfriend’ (pre xmas ig tv with the Shy Guy’s Dating Coach Wayne, not my words)

I actually dived into the transitioning world of old values, new values and the male ego.
Weirdly enough the mansplaining wasn’t coming from men who want to work with me. It was coming from men struggling in their own way, thinking their flirting was clever.

Coming from bright, intelligent, driven men I was surprised to see flirty, playful, absolutely useless information coming from them.

Mansplaining is defined as:



More can be found here
6 Subtle Forms Of Mansplaining That Women Encounter Each Day (bustle.com)

And the examples I got were:

And one man, bless him, was like –
Who actually respects my work and communicates it:

Both a. in talking about a relationship, even in a relatable way like ‘don’t do this’

And b. in talking about a business in which this man hadn’t even made a single execution besides doing a blog and painting/photographing  –  I found it shockingly retarded and egotistic.

For funsies: Public Credit: Why Greek Boys Over Spanish?

The Frenchies, the Italians and the Great Mediterranean Battles #hailcaesar #questionmark #latinorwhat

What are your experiences in mansplaining?
I’m convinced every woman has faced it. Maybe even the men.

One response from a man who actually respects my work and communicates it:

Ego and culture.

I see you.

I’ve knocked into you.

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