Nature Doesn’t Take Prisoners: Me And The Fig Tree (Votes Needed) #gardening #figtree #votes #noprisoners

There’s a fairly large fig tree in the backyard which is surprisingly low maintenance compared to the broken and hacked off larger lemon and lime trees with the bugs and pests and spiders (which I always spray off).

It loves sun, it grows luscious figs and it almost never has any bugs on it – or even eaten leaves.

So when the baby figs looking cute and green started growing out, I had to keep an eye on the fruits.
Once large and brown, birds and insects will attack it.
I was warned – and the family put socks over the figs as they ripened so that the birds couldn’t see them or touch them.
But then the socks next year, disappeared and I told myself to get a ton of budget socks for this year.
Cue me coming to the backyard to see 2 beautifully ripened, pink and brown figs growing on different branches.

Oooo I thought. That’s it. Gotta do something now. But wait – maybe it’s ALMOST ripe? It’s looking whole now.

So there I decided I still had time to protect the fruit. The next two days?


One fruit got attacked and the flesh was open, with ants inside. The other got attacked so much only the skin side was left, with ants all over it too.

I’m standing there with my spray bottle going ‘Uhoh now I need to protect the babies for real.’
Be gentle here on me since I’m a plant mum to two whole gardens… and some lemon tree seedlings which have all sprouted (wooo!)

Post covid life right here.

Cue the next day around 4pm I’m standing next to the fig tree trying to find the two fruit – NOTHING and NO clues of the ripe fruit even having lived there. Nature got the whole thing, clean down to the branch.

Nature doesn’t take prisoners, I realized. So why the heck do we sometimes?

Nature is clean. One sided… eat, sleep go defend territory, find a mate procreate and repeat.

But we’re not. We brag, show off, stick things on plates and like to torture beings.

Before I get very dark on that I would like to ask you to vote for the next part of this fig tree story – I need fresh equipment so I can do a more efficient job around the gardens and make the figs look sweet. Once I have collected enough I’ll post the job here!

Vote for the next part of the story – pictures included – by donating here <—

thank you!

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