The Day I Found Out I Was Low Key Posh #friendships #giveandtake #reflection

Sitting here eating my heart out baby
Waiting for some lover to come
Can I get some hot stuff baby this evening (appropriate right?)

I was minding my business doing gardening at 5pm when one of the most fun banters came on my phone and helped me come to a revelation.

A sweet funeral party from a week before introduced me to the son of a long time dear and respected family friend. Him and my mum several years ago worked on the same floor with various responsibilities but different managerial circles. Fast forward some major bonding experiences and I’m at a party post covid, to celebrate our friend’s second wifes life as she passed away unexpectedly.

It was also unexpected that I stayed until midnight basically having deep and meaningful chats, yoga and salsa on a bay balcony with tons of leftover champagne with this guy *Peter. Not that surprising since we both have water elements (sharing the same birthday month).

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After losing my grandpa to pancreatic cancer I know what it’s like to witness a sudden death – I stuck around making my job to make sure these guys were OK. It made me happy.

I tend to entertain and soothe those around me. They seemed ok – functioning at present moment.
Our friend followed up with me about my ride home and sat down for a minute, decided he was ready to crash (go to sleep). I supported the idea and chatted with Peter who got me an uber ride back.

Now that I write this I’m so thankful someone could reflect life’s mysteries back at me. Because I’ve been agitated on where I am in terms of class.

Grounded but driven.
Humble but confident
Enjoying the low key lifestyle while on budget – with the most blessed property
Attractive but natural
Comfortable but glam
Got educated overseas but I don’t point that out
Thankful with astute coordinator fingers
Keeping head down, working on passions

Then Peter pointed out – you’re posh but don’t act it. Low key posh.
And that resonated on a deep level, so deep I wanted to blog on this.
My reply was that I needed to meditate on this.

I see status. I know status. But status isn’t what brings joy or purpose.
Conflicting situations brought me that question of when to show who I am.
Mum also tells me to glam up when I feel that’s not a priority.

Nearly everything is a conflict of work, morals and being social. Playing low key takes balls – against social status quo. It also takes brains playing the stage – using tact, reading for cues and waiting for feedback. Responding accordingly. The observers are the authors and if they’re not, kick them to finish and publish (looking at your Dad, Peter)

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