Sliding Into My DMs: You Will Be Deleted #indians #shoppingforagirlfriend

north africans
south africans

shots fired

I’ve had trouble lately with strangers replying on my posts with “hello dear have a great day”
And some in my DMs are completely silly – the most common ‘sliding in’ is “hi” and “where are you from?”

There is entitlement, a search party and “deadline” for Indians shopping for a girlfriend. And they are absolutely shameless AND can’t take a good selfie.

There is more respect and chat from the Iranians

north africans I suspect have some arab feature that would make them great community friends and always up for a tea and a dance … if the belly dance clips are any indication.

South africans are the biggest mix of dutch, European, Indian and pure Africa so it sounds like an exotic combination but also an arrogant one at worst, a sweet nurturing one at best.

But the way all this combines on social media when they see a pretty face and pursue the face regardless of the topic – is fascinating, if you watch from a distance. These guys – none of these guys, hold back. But the Indians manage to annoy me fast thanks to their entitlement and endearment names.

I compare this to the Latinos, who I have absolutely no problem chatting to. Although they meet the typical needs of love and attention, they have a grounding and true family vibes – not desperation, entitlement or hint of heartbreak if you can’t continue their boring chats.

Then again I’m talking about guys who have been to university.
Like this guy, who’s based in mexico and introduced me to his sister, started up his own tacos bistro and can dance like a pro.

But they always get the vote. The rest… are tricky. And not always welcome.
But the Iranians know that a no means a no, not a challenge to overcome.

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