Everything We’ve Been Told About Pain Is Wrong #energy #spiritualbeing #emotion #pain

Everything we’ve been told about pain is wrong.
I just got inspired two days ago to talk about the elements of pain, action and consequence, energy and evolvement.

So then I got up from a Sunday nap – in 27 degree Sydney heat under the aircon, and finally came up with the title while having leftover pizza. And now my conscience is clear that I did ‘the job’ for Sunday. My next blog is out.

The way spirituality works is that it sees everything that happens as a natural consequence of something else. And energy comes in many formats, emotion and pain is one of them but not the only forms of energy.

A lot of it is simply manifestation of the reaction to our perceptions, expectations and just a representation of social status quo.

Ergo we fight with ourselves a lot instead of letting things be.
Then I found myself mourning my grandpas passing in three different locations and nearly more than a year later there’s a shocking event where my cousin decided to elope without family around and for an eastern culture… that ain’t good.

I actually have found it easier to process all the earthly crazies by letting things be, letting things that be, be positive and good. And lastly. Letting myself feel the pain and accept that the pain will come, here and there, no matter what mindset I’m in. No matter if I suppress and reframe the situation that caused me pain. It just is every time I get triggered.

Well, actually my strategy was in the end like my mums; disconnect a little from the source of hurt. We’re talking about a girl on the other side of the planet that chose not to include people in her wedding that always tried to support her no matter how small. Sounds a tad bitchy and spoiled rotten but the girl had come from the craziest, most scandalous family that liked to control things.

So using this example I would like to repeat some information that only now I realized, is perfectly fine to accept.

Pain is just one element of a reaction and doesn’t need to be the whole picture. The minute we internalize any kind of evil reaction, any kind of pain, we actually harm our selves and that’s why in the spiritual world people will usually permit you to feel what you must, see it as less than what you think it actually is because in the end it doesn’t mean you don’t care or don’t love. It is simply a valid reaction to a cause.

And then literally process this element of causation for however long it takes but process it well – then release basically. It’s an energy that can be channelled through and out.

And as the great louise hay could confirm, our human bodies weren’t meant for rotten, disease-enabling things.

Does this make sense to you? It does to me.

If you need some help or guidance on getting through life crisis, life transition or building confidence for a date come have a chat to me here on Instagram. I reply to DMs all the time.

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