Musings On The First LOTR Film Because It Made Me Happy #covid #hermit #introvert #bingewatch #publishedauthor #LOTR

I’m really appreciating fine cinematography circa 2000 now that we’re in November 2020 and entertainment options are slowly heading out – adding to that, friends figured I’m critical on what I watch thanks to being an author and one that gets a good plot.

Yes, I watched Emily in Paris and Queen Gambit and Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Gilmore Girls. (being netflix and the most socially acceptable things to watch) Being stuck to the pc so hardcore isn’t healthy.

I miss writing but right now my priority is to get men on their love life horses so my thrillers can wait.

The notes, alors:

Bad guys might not see you but they can smell you

Frodo consistently backs into corners and just proves every time he gets stabbed how much that’s not a fighting strategy

What is tolkiens fascination with hills, caves and mountains?

Frodo’s the unlikely protagonist with puppy dog eyes consistently getting stabbed until someone gets him into special shiny dagger-preventing threads

In the first LOTR if not all the LOTR films it’s literally 2 wizards fighting each other.

Men are greedy af

Literally every scene in the book has a good side and a bad side

Ugh I could kiss Jackson with watching all that amazing cinematography

It’s cute how Aragorn decides to protect Frodo from the start

Good and evil is a choice – Saruman chose the ring because it fit his power game strategy

Gimli might have been cast a fiery proud character but he’s easily the most human. His emotions and expression and ooooh pretty objects

Every ‘wise’ and authority figure tells Frodo leadership lessons and repeats to him his role and purpose

The power Frodo carries (or temptation) brings out judgment and reactions from just about everyone

The hobbits develop a fighting spirit with each loss they experience

Aragorn’s the coolest character to follow, since he fights like a streetfighter, not just a nobleman. Then there’s the elf love going on. Right in the feels

What a psychological thriller. It keeps you glued to the screen.

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