We Are Living In An Age of Information #IT #ICT #ageofaquarius #google #communication

We are living in an age of information : what to do with it

We hate paying for any communication .. since its everywhere and free

We have an app for almost anything… and need new phones for more digital memory.

There’s an app for ‘pause’ – white noise where we aren’t distracted

Everything is digital, everything is ‘low cost’ with something attached

the one with the most knowledge wins the kingdom

Mental health is legit these days, more and more people are coming out admitting they’re having a tough time with their thoughts – feelings – traumas, social identities.

There’s a very distinct blurring of work and life lines, boundaries and relationships.

Facebook has aged, matured and now 50s and over think they ‘get it’ since they have an account and ‘see everything’ … *shaking head*

There is a boost in coaches and normalization of getting extra help – and after being on a customer care line for any large company or institution – ya kinda want to say, thankgod for that

face to face contact is becoming increasingly, savagely, rare.

For all the blurring of boundaries, we are itching for ANY kind of guideline. The life coaches have them.

Social media for dating – is basically death. It’s the “thing to get the thing” (tony the date coach, 17 August 2020)
My reply: “the thing of things”

Privacy has become threatened and spying is an actual news tip off now

There are actual laws regarding drones and air space.

it’s all about up skilling and cross skilling because nothing from the 50s is going to be a stable job any more.
LinkedIn however… great for B2B courses, profile check ups and verifications. And evolving into The Platform.

Just about all the information you need comes from google and youtube. And if you’ve signed up for sweet coaching, facebook groups too.

There’s plenty of entrepreneurs that started with a passion for creating something and google helped the whole way. I know because I follow their journeys for example the beautifully driven Jessica M Studio

There are plenty of online free courses across Harvard, Yale and other institutions plus Corsera.

Pharmaceutical business is big as ever, organic products are becoming The Trend and items made within the country are applauded and encouraged.

If you’re totally lost about a project just hashtag it and leave it on twitter. That’s how I found support for my book.

It actually costs nothing except for time to build something online. Websites, platforms, books, videos, audio like podcasts.

….and once upon a time such (free) resources were unheard of.

Age of Information, ladies and gents.

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