10 Exclamation Marks On The Entrepreneurial Journey #selfdevelopment #leadership #servingyourself #entrepreneur #focus

intention and reward: exclamation marks on the journey to success
How to know you’re killing it in this crazy world: your reaction

As a low-key individual that is low maintenance, I learned a ton doing my projects with the pandemic happening. Business means you are now communicating with the public – take it or leave it. That’s the package.

You “up level” by asking for help and investing in yourself. Because that means you trust you can learn as you do. Many people can’t.

And these are the points I’ve learned:

Welcome to your new identity as leader and servant to the industry.
online presence is a must because this is how you communicate what you’re up to and let people know what you’re doing.

If it works and it’s reliable, simple and consistent no one will ever question it. (system, product, service, anything that solves a problem) But that doesn’t mean you don’t need a kick to release and test an idea.

If you feel a fire when you help people out, then you’re in the right place

If someone doesn’t get what it is you do, just give a brief explanation and some space – energetically, physically – let them deal with their issues. People who understand will support you, refer you and ask deeper questions to your and their benefit.

Whether you agree with someone’s opinion in public, let them have their opinion. If they’re open to discussion, have it. But your business is to serve those ready for you and not to convert disbelievers: that’s time and energy you could put somewhere else.

Self-control, self-awareness and intention will literally have massive impact on what you’re doing. The business is a giant self-development tool.

Having set up a few things over the last two years I heavily believe that generally, if the focus is long term, then celebrate every little win because overnight successes are a myth.

I now appreciate the process so much more because I enjoy what I do and it takes a while to process new things – new people – systems and understandings. And it has to be about the process because if you make a big deal of the outcome more than anything – you lose sight of the present moment.

I am so thankful for my badassery in coordinating photoshoots for my coaching and my author account. I added a beach brunch and birthday lunch at home to well styled pictures. And major thanks to friends who could hold a camera.

I know people who would freak out about business ‘in the long term’. Maybe because they lack vision and just want their holidays with their 9-5s. Article: Workaholic or in love with your work?

You get major respect and admiration for being consistently positive and backing words with actions. It’s not actually that easy but with enough passion you can move… anything.

People don’t expect people to just make good on their word. Those types of people, in this flaky, fake, technology driven world, are basically very valuable.

I found a lot of power in putting my money where my mouth was. I do not waste time and I appreciate authentic relationships.

Good things will find you, and the things that do come with alignment and appreciation – and understanding. Anything else will ask a bunch of questions, make you feel nervous and drain you.

Now your life is about serving others, being an authority and taking care of yourself. You’re a beacon of hope and aspiring model for many.

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