What I Would Do Differently For The MTV Vmas Because I Got Bored Watching #letthenewbieswin

When I curiously watched the MTV VMAs this year 2020 I actually thought I’d be getting original, funky entertainment and getting close to younger music celebrities. I’ve seen The Platinum Life on hayu so my expectations were high.

But I wasn’t getting the raw reality tv series of a bunch of self-made millionaires killing it on stage and hitting the top 5 records with each song. Or the original authentic attitude that I actually looked forward to.

I know that by tradition award nights are about celebrating achievements and industry standard progressions and some performances by whoever is hot at the moment. But I wasn’t really expecting to see Lady Gaga time after time in different outfits … I was expecting original, new artists with their passion and their…. Art.

Maluma came on and so did some other artists. I watched dancers on stage with masks on whole legs exposed – nothing new but with those masks it looked like 5th element on steroids.

And there was sharpness and American banter from the presenter – which seemed a bit full of hot air. There went my disappointment.
There was nothing to watch. So I changed the channel.

If I were given the power and authority to equalize and actually bring in substance to the VMAs I’d give more priority to the newer artists from the start.

I’d give the high profile artists less time on tv – it’s all charisma and thank yous and straight into their songs on stage which is basically the nutshell version of any concert.

potentially bring in motivational speakers

Let in a few artists from overseas – anywhere. Why does Eurovision have to be the only show with all the European artists? You can argue that the Hispanic singers are ‘overseas’ but… Americas are the Americas.

Put the artists in the front that can talk life for 10 minutes and takeaways the audience can use already.

Let fans up onto the stage occasionally so they can blurt out what they love about their singer, what they would like to see more of and why they’re such an awesome person in their eyes.
Get the audience crying.
We already get half that music across apple – amazon – youtube and spotify

Give us something new and human.

And finish the whole show by putting up a funny slide of someone’s embarrassing blooper, encouraging more of it. Get people to loosen up and talk.

If we already have access to so much material – magazines, interviews, songs and stuff – then give us something we won’t get anywhere else.

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