5 Ways To Treat Yourself This Weekend Iso Style #pandemic2020 #treatyourself

Yes everyone has gone a little insane from all the crazy isolation activities and I am writing this October 2020.
Yes we all want a mini break from pandemic forced and fueled life but can’t necessarily cross the ocean
Yes we want to be happy or sane or just forget the crazy times for a moment.

Here’s a list that might inspire you to treat yourself to just that this weekend – or on a day off

plan to travel somewhere
do a takeaway order
have a chat with someone – or a few people
organise a social outing with someone
splurge on clothes – accessories – make a wish list on amazon – use Netflix recommendations or ask people for a suggestion – play with crystals – cook or bake something yes that comes to 5 (phew) I was going to include manifesting stuff or putting a fantasy visual of something you want but this list gives you the idea

It is libra season and a bunch of planets are in retrograde. The world is still in a pandemic and a ton of changes are in the process of being made so in case you’re thinking you’re crazy or your body is acting weird or put on tons – that’s just natural.

status quo is changing
different processes are aligning

It is OK to invest a ton more energy into your home. We got so freaking occupied with being out, doing a lot and just ‘doing’ that we forgot our home is…. Our home. May as well make it beautiful.

So bonus point is to get flowers – a high vibe – some diffuser – high vibe – and get down with nature if you’re feeling weird. Or if physically going crazy then a walk is in the books.

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