What Subscribing To Refinery Uk Taught Me #refineryuk #popculture #millennialtopics

I am cleaning out my inbox for the nth time.
And I’m putting a ‘star’ on all the emails that are ‘important’ so that I can filter them out as I go through… and get to my content faster.

I’m subscribed to forbes, forbeswomen, refineryuk, some coach emails (the ones I like and get insights from), Netflix, (used to be) Amazon, (used to be) hayu.

Yeah the pandemic changed a lot and now I’m taking a break from content input exhaustion.
Like, I did want to be on top of news that wasn’t being blasted from the mainstream. But not every day is that possible.

However thanks to refineryuk there’s been amazing topics that inspired me to write about based on my own experiences and posted here – is your city a space for girls?.

And it also inspired me to address a couple of things which I had the privilege to talk about – in discussions thanks to my connections on linkedin.

firstly, why it is some awesome series are only available in UK, U.S., Canada …. And that’s it. English is actually spoken almost everywhere. And now that I see refinery posting about Netflix launches I KNOW they’re about to exclude Australia. And this annoys me.

Why millennials and gen zers appropriate news isn’t ….. available in Australia. My friends and I get news from work, from our closest friends (meaning the news is high priority and high significance) and of course mainstream news which is usually gossip and accidents. Only ‘elite’ ‘intelligent’ people follow abc and sbs and I can’t say I have patience for their style of news. Call me eccentric.

We have horoscopes, we have style, we have sex, we have finance. We have some celebrity news and we have beauty, fashion and living style.

I have to commend these guys for delivering more substance than I see in more common news and lifestyle media outlets. But it also annoys me – we have niche’d down so much that its actually hard to get the ‘full picture snapshot’ without stalking people across social media – inviting them for a chat – and just researching what’s going on first.

That’s madness.

Better yet I’m finding light, stupid types of movies to be entertained by and actually do get entertained by. Dumb and dumber for instance always repelled me until now; I actually get the point behind their behaviour and all the plot twists worked in their favour, kind of making the point for ‘dumb’ people. Also Jim Carrey has incredible gifts.

We have a ton of minority groups seeking comfort and relatability across social medias and media outlets. Which isn’t something new. After reading this eye opening remark on the origins of all the slang we use RIGHT NOW I realize the documentary that took 4 years to produce had plenty to say and plenty to show. Paris is burning; haven’t watched it yet BUT I feel there’s a ton that struggling minority groups have to say on the culture we have now. Did I mention it was out in 1997?


You won’t get any flavour in your life unless you struggle. I mean…

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