That Round Blue Thing: A Love Letter To Neptune As A Pisces Moon. #planets #loveletter #moonomens

I mentioned this letter to a couple of girlfriends and they encouraged me to post it, so here it is.
I was inspired by this article because I noticed this –

to have an amazing life that I desire, I need to acknowledge what I naturally have, understand it and use it to my advantage.
in this particular scenario I related a lot to what the article had explained, including all the misty stuff, fiery stuff and confusing stuff. I even shared it with my mum who admitted she had lost her cool somewhere before.

And the only way I can empower others is by empowering me so… here’s the letter.


I find it interesting that I YouTube moon in Pisces right before my mum messaged about being confused and looking back at life –  and I got an email about mars being in Neptune – ergo lots of steam.
It’s been amazing getting to know myself and realizing my instincts and art have been real. There’s a lot of decisions I’ve made attributable to the glorious Neptune and its mysticness. So far I haven’t been proven wrong! Only when I didn’t believe in my instincts.

I’m the deep spiritual one that’s comfortable in the dark, that seeks mentorship and wisdom in cool people and deeply believes in the power of the self. I’m the colourful one that’s finally drawn necessary boundaries. I’m proud of that – people need them. I needed them.

I became more aware of what serves me and what doesn’t. and let good stuff into my life. Honouring the feedback of those that care about me. Sometimes against my desires.
Distancing myself from manipulators and liars. It’s been refreshing and relieving.

Compassion, empathy, wisdom all me. And why I find it hard growing up! Seeing the truth around me – but not feeling accepted. Ooof. I’m an old soul that’s collected a ton of life experiences before reaching 30. And then some more.

So I create my own groups and act on judgment. Capitalize on my strengths. At times, I devote my art to those I look up to.

That’s justice. That’s sweet. I dedicate or flirt around spiritual ideas until I implement them. Sometimes knowing a lot can be a burden so outlets are fantastic to let all that crazy energy out so – it’s been great getting to know me. There are strengths to protect and projects to coordinate and networks to grow, sunshine to enjoy and people to love.

Points to acknowledge:
– planet of mysticism and spirituality check
– the God of the oceans is deep and introspective – major check
– pisces the passive one, aries the independent go-getter (I’m both)
– deep blue planet neptune is super mysterious and gassy, the firey battle driven planet mars is one of the ‘inner’ planets and literally propelled by red, war and strategy, it loves competition.
– together mars conjunct neptune helps navigation through emotion, spirituality and finally, acceptance.

power through mystery, power through action and lastly power through empowerment of all emotions together. I like Neptune, it has a big say on my life right now.

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