Swiss Watch, The Pandemic And 5th Dimension: Where Are We #spirituality #5thdimension #swisswatch #time #pandemic2020

Some people look at the clock and see… minutes and seconds. They rely on it.

Then the pandemic came.
As comms professional typically the time caused me stress thanks to deadlines.
then suddenly I was able to enjoy a mild Australian winter season in the middle of pandemic chaos.

and some people get a nudge to look at the clock… and see synchronized numbers.

I got that experience since July.

its surreal. Its even worse than being alice in wonderland. There is no such thing as time in the fifth dimension. There is only being and channeling energies

And yet we’ve been programmed culturally to take great note of the time.

1800s the train schedule was important. Then industrialization came. Your worth by the minute.

The swiss watch, a by product of some Austrian princes wandering into swiss towns where farmers did their honourable creations and jobs for some money throughout the long snowy winters – has become a symbol of the values of the country itself. Detailed, work oriented, reliable, don’t get me started on the Swiss French understandings of life.

but then we honour the clock. We start work, we take breaks, we rest and go out and again next week.

we meet people when we say we’ll meet them, or there will be stress and basically lack of respect for others and their use of time. Lol ‘time’. We don’t actually know what it is.

until the sun gives beautiful golden rays across the platform – morning or afternoon.
until our drink is empty. Until you have to say goodbye to a relative or saying farewell to a good friend.
or watching out for the greys in our hair – or the growth in our friends babies.
Or feel sleepy when we’re cozy relaxed and full and the body is primed for sleep.

I guess. There’s other signs but these are the most obvious.

so with creating the watch – the clock – the round speed dial of all the numbers – we forgot the more important ones:

the seasons
the sun clock
the moon clock

and that is what the pandemic made us do. I told mum once while she was hunting for news (mum in Switzerland me in Australia) ‘I am watching the plants grow’.
It was an amusing statement in line with sentiment and how the pandemic had slowed so much down.
but it was not a negative statement.

I watched the plants. I watched the people. I watched the moonlight, I watched reality tv, I watched meditation and asmr.
nothing was unhealthy about it. Just slower than the cultural understanding of what ‘should be.’

and then without attaching expectation to outcome and just being thankful in the moment…
I put on weight. I developed a curious type of insomnia. I started getting direct messages from my angel guides. I was able to empower myself to use and channel energies rather than suppressing and storing anything. This is what shadow work actually ultimately lets you do – something I’d already done two years ago.

And one of the best parts is my female cramping pains marginally left – I took vitamin d and magnesium and ate well plus seeds in my salads and muesli. And lentil soup helped. The hormones shifted. I was very relieved and happy.

Being a woman was suddenly manageable even though I took a Panadol whenever I felt the pain shoot too much.

I feel I had passed into the fifth dimension. My energy was so high I attracted the most timid birds into my garden. And the puppies and neighbourhood cats always love me.

People have complained that many things have shifted.

I am one of the brave few who admit, things really needed that change to pass into a more loving giving developed world.

World reset?
Watching the news announce a travel ban level 4 whole world on 24th march, I felt a wave coming in.

Sci fi and dystopian fiction is here.

And no amounts of swiss watches could explain a thing.

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