Things I Have In Common With Kylie Minogue: #popculture #popstar #iconic #kylieminogue

raised in Australia
considered acting and drama as a thing to get into in our teens
appreciate the LGBTQ community for their passion and expression
love celebrating and sparkles

certain fascination for performance
we are all about the human experience and serving others
love the beach and European men

have a strange love life dynamic going on
have no issues with creating a fantasy for people
I was born in ’90, some of her best classics were in the 90s

our jobs came by accident: she used singing to get better at acting and stuck there
I coached myself as a way to get through crazy life transitions and stuck to life coaching

excellent speakers and public figures
pretty as heck
impacting on lives through our art and mission
awesome wardrobe choice and sensuality

Use of makeup; I like aromatherapy and beauty therapy for its benefits

We both have RBS
(resting bitch face)
Also, we can both have that amazing eyebrow lift (mine with muscles hers with botox)
Both look amazing with nude makeup

Down to earth, can speak some basic French

Lastly, there is a certain magic to kylie’s art that brings me back to the glitter and fun melodies of the 90s. Every time I felt home sick in Europe circa 2014 I played her music and shared it with my friends as a proud aussie export. That last part is awesome since I believe we need more of that art, expression and disco groove. I hold her in that box of ‘innovative’ and ‘fabulous’.

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