Do These Numbers Give You Anxiety? Here’s Three Reasons Why That’s Wrong #cycle #transition #numerology

Do any of these numbers cause you anxiety?
because EVERYONE knows what they mean.
sh** is about to go down.


I’m joking. Semi joking. All of these numbers actually represent a cycle finish. Like, when your coffee machine finishes giving you coffee. Or any machine finishes its work.
Just like that, same thing applies.

But culturally and thanks to the media, we see those signs as EVILLLLLLL !!!

And they’re kinda not. In numerology it just signifies a ton of change.

And as I thought about all I’d read in astrology (we’re heading into the age of Aquarius) and in crystal consciousness (ascension, the 12 dimensions) everything just CLICKED.

corrupt, greedy, jealous and angry elders have flooded the system with a ton of spanners that have jammed everything. Hence the disbalance and riots and inequality and downright ignorance.

And now we have beautiful people coming into the mix to heal, create awareness of light and love and of unity with all beings.  Like, neighbours colleagues friends and shock horror- migrants and police men and law makers and what have you.

Because the whole point is to alert you to the fact that systems, organisations and hierarchies have to rewind and recreate and redo a brilliant planet that’s been tossed into chaos.

On a personal note I’ve been in several transitions that were not my own.

Middle life crisis spanning a decade. A company restructure, rebranding and even re-locating as it got bigger. Travelling a ton between two continents… or four. Two schools in two different locations. Two universities in two different locations. Two homes in different places and different structures.

two different sets of in laws – for my mum mostly, but holy cracker the effect it brought.
several sets of networks thanks to all of the education between arts, dance, language and other courses.

then of course as a woman, having to undergo one slow and late puberty process. And then some once I lived in Europe for 4 years and experienced budget diets and snow.

the point is, that we get ‘triggered’ by these numbers we have negative associations with. But they’re such powerful numbers because they symbolize something else.

for every cycle there’s a new beginning and new end.
for all the above, nature is doing its job

sometimes we get a sign that we need to prepare to disattach ourselves from our possessions (say what! Lol)
what this means is, there’s guidance telling us what could be blocking our blessings from coming sooner.

if life is meant to be enjoyed and played with and we can manifest anything we want with energy … then the purpose of these numbers and transitions is just to keep us in anticipation of something greater coming. And to let to us know all is OK.

And by OK I mean, we’re supported, loved and guided.

If that’s what you’re looking for. Thanks for reading!

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