5 Hard Truths For Pisces Element People #piscesmoon #hardtruth #waterelement

I love writing these posts.
Once I facetimed a girlfriend living in Italy – maybe 2 weeks ago – and she asked how I get my info.

Its experience research intuition and confirmation from others. Loving it.

So hi there fishies. Aren’t we in a great element!
I have read that we tend to be passive, sensitive, highly intuitive and bloody good at reading environments and people. Thanks Neptune (I mean I identify with proactive mars because thats my sun in aries)

So whats the hard truth to learn?

After much soul searching and mortifying experience from last year I can say this:

1. People hate the truth. And fishies kinda know it, live it and just say it. So we can easily be labelled as the bad guy even if we have good intentions.
We have to be OK with that. We can read people and predict things because we understand laws of the universe but we cant control anyone or their responses. In fact that’s called trauma
People pleasing to avoid negative responses.

2. We connect fast with other water elements. But it doesn’t always mean a good thing. We can all manipulate anything around us – especially if we feel anxiety or hopelessness or any powerless position – but that’s a negative trait of anyone who feels that way. Getting bogged down into the spiritual world… the philosophical world… someone needs to remind us to GTFO and stop empathizing with our experiences so much.

3. All the info/wisdom/build up of life experiences can make us a touch arrogant, entitled, or even self righteous. Does anyone want to point that out and experience an unpleasant reaction?
So they just keep you at arms distance. If you’re a fishie/crab/scorpio fyi you didn’t hear it from me. Life’s too short. Go apologize and connect to cool people. All that pent up experience and info is only worth gold if you apply it to life and improve everyones lives.
I said it
You’re welcome.

It doesn’t take much to build people skills either. Cheap courses at udemy and other places (plus joining a facebook community) will be the best step forward. After that people respect the effort enough to support the interpersonal growth.
In fact, if you’re reading this send me a DM on instagram. I want to hear about what you did with that advice.

4. The Lord said forgive… forget… but don’t reconcile.
Amazing words tbh. By this I mean if someone triggers you out there, if someone is being obnoxious and rude.. and keeps going after you speak with them, remove yourself from that space.
You can either complain about them or actually act empowered and stop letting that energy interfere with you. Give it 2 tries if it doesn’t stop just leave the room. Some people need a physical message of the consequences to their actions. Dr Anna in the building.

5. Talking to people about spirituality which comes naturally to you – because you sense it so acutely or maybe you’re looking for it – is something you’ll need to accept is very personal, all about the personal journey and not something you can just shove into conversation.

Reason being as I recently noticed, not everyone is comfortable with a world outside of the material earth planet shape smell touch see and grab. And thats exactly what spirituality is. You can only increase your awareness of such a world and that’s a personal journey for anyone.

It doesnt mean it wont happen fast or when you want it to happen. It means this particular topic will be open to those who are OK with discussing it. The rest is between you and the astro-spiritual-idk what community. And the church.

I mean… enjoy it for what it is
I do. I ask a question from the heart, the answer always comes back in some form.

If this article helps, have a brilliant sunday xx

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