Going Out With An Empath: Things To Know #dating #empaths #mustknow

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I just did a bonus coaching session which reminded me of my role in serving others.
And reading – somewhat nostalgically about how a guy behaves when he likes a girl on lovepanky – I realized someone like me, an empath who’s highly intuitive and experienced a lot, can give a few tips in the ‘does she or doesn’t she’ question so many guys ask.

Without fear of the relationship ending.
without second guessing their plan of attack.
without having to annoy, tease and downright drive their woman up the wall.

Been there done that.


empaths… intuitives and so on have this knack for knowing what’s coming. We sense energy, we sense vibes. So if a guy does something cute, we observe the delivery and what’s going on before we react.

Test, test, test. Loads of guys don’t get how much they’re being tested by the apple of their eye. (might have watched some how to arab videos to remember that phrase).
Safety, respect and being worthy of their time is something you will have to prove you’re in for.

Being masculine enough to just sit still and be, to confidently provide space for your lady is underrated and sexier than you can imagine.

Let your lady chat about her day. And then prioritize what happens next depending on the signals.

Much like the sweet and deep water signs we know a lot but don’t show it or talk about it until we feel safe and the subject gets brought up.

After a sweet chat with an American friend living in Italy with her Italian boyfriend, my sweet 2 cents of wisdom was – to be, to explore, to enjoy the moment.
Everyone is in their heads right now. Ego is conflicted, social pressures are cracking.

Planets in retrograde… I’m sorry but you will have to pay attention to that one because some of us believe in energies and cosmic balances and the 12 chakras being in alignment.

Get used to all the feels. We know how to navigate through it all. We know how they work and even if we don’t we still know more than you probably do so the best way to impress us is to listen and implement or use the wisdom we give you.

Ignorance is the least sexy colour on you.
Curiosity and following up on promise is the most sexy thing you can do. Apart from feeding us.

Patience = maturity = being man enough to know when to give space and when to propose cool ideas.

OMG we love cool ideas. It doesn’t matter what mood we are in.
Did I mention curiosity and following up on promise is the most sexy thing you can do?

We want to see you try. Try to understand, try to dive into our world and for petes sake be active enough on social media to strike up a chat about a post. Not complain; but strike up a chat. Hopefully face to face over a good cup of something.

Speak the language! At a social setting find out the secret code to ‘I want to get out of here’ and ‘lets never leave’ and ‘you MUST talk to this cool person they have the most amazing life I’m inspired OMG OMG OMGOMGGGGGGGGGG’

Repeat the process for family gatherings and figure out the temperature for the room. Are people being nice? Are people being mean? Where’s the boundary, where’s the line drawn? We are sensitive to peoples intentions and behaviours. Which means you have to be sensitive to our signals.

Because I Sucked At Communicating Boundaries: Understanding The Emotionally Intense Person #boundaries #protection #emotionalneeds

Something critical I address in my coaching and something I’m equally passionate about emphasizing, is that whatever is big on the agenda for your girlfriend/partner/lover/interest will become big on your agenda.

And if they’re an intuitive empath, prepare for the truth. Prepare to confront yourself. And if it’s an empowered empath, prepare for high vibes. I’m saying prepare because you will need to align yourself to a truthful level.

If you get off on humility, making mistakes to learn and just being challenged, then you’re in the right place.

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