A Sweet Guide To Loving Earth & Meditation #consciousness #earthlove #dimensions

Before 2020 I honestly thought meditation was slow, boring and not my thing.
I did my own meditation** with red wine, salsa party dancing and chatting to 10 or more people. At night.

I still love to do that but its my creative state. Now I do something that’s very necessary for my mental health, manifesting and overall goals.

I sit down on ground, preferably on grass or carpet. The more earth the better.
I like a clean area so I don’t have to worry about dirt sticking to me.
Having the legs crossed under me or in front of me, I focus on open body language with the palms held out, open to the sky as if to receive energy from above.

I breathe in slowly – or at least start to breathe out slowly and then breathe in slowly. I develop this rhythm after 3 breaths and notice my whole body start to relax, think less, observe more. If anything is twitching or straining I move until I’m really relaxed.
The whole point is to connect to the heart and soul, connect to the earth and energy at the same time.

Connecting to the earth I imagine, while breathing in slowly, my head connecting to my back and slowly heading into the earth. So deep, past many layers and straight into beautiful crystal caves. Sparkling, peaceful and powerful crystal caves.

This is fabulous for grounding. Can take some time to focus which is only natural.

To enable less thinking and more space for the heart, the breathing and pose is important.

Once I do this I think – or say – guides angels and universe, I thank you for your presence and guidance. Then I ask whatever is on my mind. I breathe in and out,hold my pose and relax and listen into whatever idea comes to my mind.

This… doesn’t take 2 minutes. It takes up to 5 minutes to figure out a relaxing pose that doesn’t distract me; more than that to relax and speak the mind and focus.
And this will sound weird but in a meditative state, time runs … differently.
Especially if you’re getting energies or ideas from the pose.

The spiritual leaders emphasize having crystals and plants nearby to basically amplify intentions and energy.
Also flowers have high frequencies which helps as well.

I find this space of being is crucial to leading an intentional day… because you let the heart get some space first. Then the head says ‘this is the plan.’

**got into a space of enjoyment, being and creation. I am social and active.

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