The Full Moon, A Pandemic And Ownership Of The Self #ownit #fullmoonritual #sexyaf

Lately I’ve made a lot of things work for me.

Being single. Setting up a business. Physical distance with family. Food delivery. Wine.
Communication and …. Ownership of the self.

I was walking around 10pm having showered and done my hair, put my sweet earpods in and made a call with a girlfriend from Melbourne. And I mentioned, how social status speaking I am a threat to women.

And how much I think I am enjoying the confusion I am creating

– someone as attractive as us shouldn’t be for instance, achieving so much so hard so fast.

It’s almost freaking unnecessary.

Like why can’t I shut up and go marry that middle aged eager man and settle down in a house and draw for the rest of my life like a good little girl, gardening on weekends and discussing community stuff in the local newspaper? (jane austen much)

And something about getting government support for living during a pandemic without a corporate income… feels very liberating. Not that I don’t aim to have a job sometime soon but I feel less stress and pressure to get a job purely for the paycheck. Because that’s all I see corporate jobs for – and so would a lot of others.

However the business I am setting up, gives large purpose and aligns with my experience and my personality. Something about facetime with an American girlfriend I met during my Masters degree – who said ‘it’s fitting’ in an excitable voice when we spoke about my coaching service, made me feel like ‘hey what if all that I’m doing is going to work out and beautifully’ and ‘maybe enjoy this moment since you’re playing for the long end game?’

The full moon typically signifies the end of a cycle and it encourages a ritual of things you want to cleanse, get rid of and of course energize the crystals. I gotta work on the last part.

But suddenly I am feeling powerful. Confused? Threatened? Good. Not my fucking problem.
Pushing your agenda onto me? Great. Think I’m over achieving and looking for my husband? Awesome.
Also not my problems.

Somehow by rising and empowering myself I am freeing myself from so many things and it feels amazing. And let’s not forget the approach to ‘failures’. I have at least a few coaches I am relying on to boost my business. And I have to say it’s amazing learning new things directly impacting on business.

It’s even more amazing putting digits on myself – my ways, my worth and my mouth.

The best part is this doesn’t end with me. It doesn’t end with you. It… doesn’t end. And that is why we do business!

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