Destiny With A Capital D #examples #destiny #yourtruth #spiritual

My quick note on the last posts I have written: given the effects of the pandemic, I haven’t been able to finish my solid posts yet because I don’t have the beauty of the café buzz right now so I have finished all the happier, fluffier posts (or not so fluffy with the spiritual post) at home.

That said there’s a lot of spirituality wafting around (I write during week 7, may 6th according to my calendar.. feels bizarre). And that inspired me to write this.

As much as I believe in law of attraction, in the power of words and intention and affirmations and creating your own path, there is such a thing as destiny (places, people and things happening which align with what fits you).

Such as making friends who 100% understand your thoughts, needs and actions. Because they are on your wavelength and will be lifetime friends

Such as the person you will be with – marry – or stay committed to in any capacity, for a while. This person appreciates and respects you for you are, willing to change to make things better and is just outright a good fit for you – complementing you and adding to your life… and will never let go, no matter the crisis or conflict.

Such as the job that finds you. I like my field on a good day, when things come together and smoothly and my craft does its job. Authoring books, coaching, blogging, speeches – it’s the same thing to me, just in different forms.

One came out of frustration of waiting for the next harry potter book to come out when I was eleven. I started writing autobiographies, journaling, creating romances (complements of my high school friend who dumped books on me) then entering history, action scenes and now… thriller. It thrills me. No pun.
The next came from constantly pep talking those I love into more positive mindsets because I can’t stand misery and had, after extensive travels, effective tips under my belt. I caved in and started a business. The job came from some failed university experiments I was still passionate about discussing and it was also an effective platform to put together all my favourite things. A blogger is also dynamic, knowledgeable and potentially profitable so I was happy to be called one. The last comes as a natural gift from writing ideas, people, events and emotions and  tying them together. I’ve authored a father of the bride speech and given a best friend of the groom speech and written many heart felt cards.

I am the kind of ballsy person who will use her craft to achieve many things at the same time.

Destiny with a capital D

There’s a lot of things you can’t escape and usually what fits, suits and complements your life. So it’s not a negative thing just something lots of people are scared of because it connotates that you’re ‘trapped’ with something. In my case I’m in awe and content.

My writing coach asked me if my family was proud of my self-published book. I told her, given a post soviet understanding of what a ‘job’ is, I have avoided all labels to do with art and entertainment. Until now. I see the nobility behind authoring a book and how much meaning there is in one. I am honoured and excited when I see someone enjoying my books. By the age of 30 I have stopped being apologetic about many things and just enjoy.


What are your 3 destinies?
People, places, things?
DM me 😊

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