Players: How To #playgirl #thegame

I’ve been thinking about my past experiences and decided to go all out on how to around players – of any kind.

It’s all about ego. And everything to satisfy and validate it.
How? Popularity, emotional unattachment. Power games and showing who’s top dog.
I’ve had the privilege of wowing 2 players in one night, through different means.

Power : the power game. Recognize nothing is serious, use comedy to your advantage. And challenge the player publicly. It increases the stakes… and gives you badass rep because people KNOW what’s really going on. No one challenges the player…. apart from the playgirl (me). Because she knows the business*.

Protection : you protect yourself and make sure no one knows the truth by laying low. And in the event you sleep with a loud mouth, you put on that latex. STDs aren’t sexy.

Pout : you need to feel gorgeous. And by this I don’t mean turning into a barbie doll. If you feel gorgeous by dressing up then the vibe is legit and contagious. And charming. If you ever watched Harley Quinn you know how gaga guys go for confidence, a flirt and unapologetic femininity. In this case you need all the tools in your belt and a pout is one of them. Plus, a player will always be drawn to any hot person they can be seen with.

*I say this in the hope that while people know the fun, they recognize the mediocrity of this mindset. It doesn’t last. But the thrill of the moment is amazing.

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