Balancing The Air Signs: The Disturbed, The Social And My BFFs #airsigns #astrology #airy

Air signs: too airy to be labelled, too smart to be pidgeon holed.

I’ve been meaning to make a sweet article for the nice air signs I know… as airy, social and crazy as some are.
And I came up with this while bored waiting for the train home.

Super social
Least likely to cause a social disturbance
…. least likely to cause a hurricane somewhere

Most likely to pull off intrigue …next to the water signs.
Very curious
No subject is too taboo

Easy to talk philosophy, religion and politics. Normally into something like sport, family, cool music.

Clever, cool, calculating, fast humour yeah that’s an air sign.
Huge hearts, the ones I know love helping out. And they’re constantly learning, questioning things, being social and taking great photos. I generally know an air sign by the quality of their pictures.

Libras normally have love vibe about them.. very sensual, like balance. Can be posh perhaps because they have status in society.
I have never had an issue with one as they try aim to please and keep a balanced atmosphere. Their natural charm is amazing.
I grew up with a Libran and she was a ton of fun thanks to mostly lack of judgment, some open minded and inquisitive thought and warmth. They are good party people as they’re social and always positive about everyone. They like helping people and love to surround themselves with beautiful things – minds and beauty. One of my ex housemates was also a Libran and amazing relationship material, apart from really being into cooking and fitness. These guys are sensitive to their environment, a lot like the water sign.
According to cosmo, they’re:

– diplomatic,
– great listeners (and major gossipers like OMG)
– do not want to be disliked (lol)
-all in hypothetical distant futures (yes, all)
-weigh upper/entitled ….

-idealist…….. like, indecisive. Now that’s a bad air sign right there.
They are heavily experimental and love showing off and will at any time, try prove why they’re on top.

They’re good at cleaning, picking pretty things, having a side piece, mediating and
According to cosmo, Libra is the more earthy passionate of the three signs. And although they’re great people to be around, it gets intense if they ask anyone to do something for them. Yep I can relate.

Air signs love information, education and news. That’s why they go into law and teaching and personal training… maybe modelling.
Geminis for some reason aren’t always my cup of tea. They like playing hats in general and seem to like tricking people into things. Playing mind games is probably a top trait for these guys.

The only gemini I’m closest to is super honest, pro emotional support and loves food. It helps that she is country girl at heart and an excellent mum and teacher. Like, she states what she is passionate about and has amazing communication on boundaries. I believe we bonded over our life transitions – she was post-divorce with two kids, I was post family split.

Their traits are:
-youth – the peter pans of the zodiac

-liveliness – can be hyper, does the dirty work very fast (drive, cook, chat..)
-outrageous flirts, very observant and independent

-no patience for critical people and negativity

-versatility and curiosity

-love a good challenge and honest

– very supportive and original – can be seen as unconventional as the aquarius
– very persuasive cuz these buggers know how to communicate

– can get very sarcastic and extremely emotional (sounds like a cancer… or a feisty one)

– they move fast. And they’re great party animals. Bigger than the Aquarius and the Libra…. I guess thanks to being so curious, fast and young. The real social butterflies.

– Ruled by Mercury which means speed and communication – major yes there.
Apparently trump and johnny depp are geminis. Freaking crazy people. And biggest personalities to boot.

Wait a sec. If Kim Kardashian is a Libra and Kanye west is a Gemini…. Suddenly their pairing makes sense. Also Kanye is more spiritual and hood than Kim. Anyway to continue –

I just had this idea that air signs are not huge on people pleasing… just information gathering. Although the Librans like their harmony and balance therefore biggest people pleasers.

Aquariuses are my fave. My cousin is one. Another GF who owns her own multimillion-dollar company gets the deep stuff. And always does something with her hair. I love it. Top struggle for her right now is compacting a CV full of awards.

The worst of the airs is the social butterfly effect – saying “one thing” and stretching themselves out. And not being perceived as real.

Unconventional… analytical, disruptive (Uranus rules this one) clever and objective. Also very prone to being too chill and play mindgames too well. Way too well. The first guy to ask me out in high school is the most airy, weird, socially distanced Aquarian. For an authoritarian commander, he is not very responsible just scattered.

On the plus side these guys get whatever I say and are always happy to discuss topics.

-These guys are assertive once they decide: and to change their minds you need concrete stats.
– Original since they innovate and always think outside the box

-Humanitarian and other-worldly, picking up green charities and alternative lifestyles. Yes relatable, even if I don’t agree with some of their ideas I can respect what they’re trying to do.
And I find tons of respect and listening and agreeableness and awe factor when I articulate my understandings on just about anything.
I have also learned how to draw the line when it comes to family, romance and ethics. Because these guys can really bend the rules.

-independent, easy going

I have to say, the assertiveness is something I didn’t think of but is one crucial element that I respect about this particular air sign. The minute the home life is very disagreeable to them… or whatever the cause, they WILL manage to move out and recreate their life. And they will not look back even if they’re hurt. Some left with just their keys and wallet. Some left without even a winter jacket during the cold season, but with their boyfriend. I know two vivid examples and understand them.

And then it’s full speed ahead for the life they want to live and I have to say, they’re usually very resourceful and successful.

Its crap for those whose love language is attention and words.
But I know some genuine ones who apologize and deliver on the goods in time… gossip, info, an opinion or a joke.
And text me back about a party.
Maybe one of the good parts of an air sign is their nonjudgmental air. Unless you do something REALLY silly.

Gemini is mutable, Librans are cardinal and the Aquarius is fixed.

“winds of change”

** you might be wondering why I used cosmo as a source.
firstly, writing about the air signs is challenging. The waters and fires came naturally to me since I am a sun in Aries and moon in Pisces – and naturally attract Piscean men (eek). Then the earths came along because I do great with them especially the Capricorns … so the airs needed a little trigger and the right wording because I know some airs. Just not super close to them. At least not now.

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