What I Wish People Knew About The Bible #nohating #formypeople #moderntimes #lovewins

It is flippin hard to understand it first go, first hand, even as an academic
you need a whole community, a support structure to revert to in hard times to make sense of earthly chaos.

I have actually gone through stacks of books – in Greek theology, Ukrainian orthodox literature, some western books such as Women and God and you wouldn’t believe the mass of history and culture and LANGUAGE that’s blocking your possible ties to the Creator (among all disciplines he gets different names but all goes back to the same origin). I’ve even used a blog on marriage to clear up intentions in the modern world.

People still want to unite and create that haven for themselves and that is essentially what marriage is. People still fight for it. I fight for it.

Such as my post on sci hi, harry potter and Dan Brown … spirituality is meant to enlighten and clear the soul path’s purpose. Not to confuse it.

Those who ask, receive.
Those who seek, receive.

At least that’s my experience

Everything goes back to the cell. Which the scientists have no idea of exact origins but they can duplicate it. That’s about it. That’s God’s power and he can do anything deemed impossible by mankind. It just is.

Praying leaves you open to guidance and that’s all that’s necessary. As dark as times seem, you ask for anything and you’ll get it – in spades.
There are a ton of Christian preaching profiles out there centred on bringing ‘supernatural’ marriage into your life and they have great intentions:

The most amazing families I know embody the values the Bible preaches. They also create the stable units society needs.
To understand the Bible better I’d recommend learning about the roman empire around the time of Christ and then about the Byzantine times.
Because there is a lot of very old culture documented in the old testimony… well, all of the testimonies which mostly point to God’s mercy as mankind does retarded things.

Personally it helped me find out how culture shaped and interpreted so many sermons – different completely in the west and east and everywhere else. Just like Islam. A lot of it is pure history and I feel that needs to be in the equation when you learn about the Bible.

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