30 Is Sexy #wegonaparty #likeitsyobirthday

Everyone has a thing about numbers.
My 20s was a huge struggle so 2020 is the year I work persistently on my dream life and say hello to everything I worked for.
You can chase dreams at any age.

Fact is I’m feeling sexy about turning 30. I’m putting digits to my name, my art, my space and my happiness.
And I’m going in with conviction and confidence.
I couldn’t do that at 20. People telling you what to do, you proving to yourself you’re competent.
So many changes and transitions!

Then you get to the age where you expect more for your work. Of course I have a circle full of people in their 30s and they would agree. 30s is the real deal. You reap what you sow. You have control.
I literally feel at my sexiest now because although I have bigger goals, I see failure differently and I’m giving more than I’m consuming. I know how to make a sale and a tough analysis fast. I can speak up, finally. I know what I like, I put a premium on comfort and I know boundaries better. I know I can walk away from something that won’t benefit me.

I’m helping out and retreating into my woman cave (it’s a big one).
And as for the mature looking pictures… you have to like them because how can you like rocky cliffs and waterfalls and caves and not like your own mature looks? It resembles what you’ve lived through.
I actually like them. I have become who I wanted to be.

Success. Meeting needs. Boundaries. Being happy in what you’re doing – unapologetically. How is that not sexy?
It’s great.

Don’t tell me that a powerful woman isn’t sexy.

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