30 Is Sexy #wegonaparty #likeitsyobirthday

Everyone has a thing about numbers. My 20s was a huge struggle so 2020 is the year I work persistently on my dream life and say hello to everything I worked for. You can chase dreams at any age. Fact is I’m feeling sexy about turning 30. I’m putting digits to my name, my art, … Continue reading 30 Is Sexy #wegonaparty #likeitsyobirthday

Midnight Sausage Sizzle #hyperventilating #bestsausagejoke #thankshinge #dating

Circa February 2019 So once upon a time after a few dates with a guy I really liked (thanks, Hinge) we were having a chat in the kitchen – texting each other. And picture texting (MMS). And I mentioned wanting a sausage by midnight… cuz a girl gets hungry. I went over to get a … Continue reading Midnight Sausage Sizzle #hyperventilating #bestsausagejoke #thankshinge #dating

Ultimate Badass Playlist #unapologetic #gogetter #badass

There’s nothing quite like printing out a bunch of ‘bad girl’ pics in black and white and putting them together in your room… to make you feel awesome. With those pictures come a playlist that just hits the soul so right. My badass playlist: stuff that will help you overcome all externalities and internalities when … Continue reading Ultimate Badass Playlist #unapologetic #gogetter #badass

Keeping Up With The Modern Joneses: Millennials And Life Milestone Posts #socialmedia #panicattack

OK so I know we all deal with a lot of stress these days and a bunch of mental illnesses – a crazy political world and social media which got commercial enough to deplete our trust and leave us vulnerable in public. And don’t get me started on the polarity of opinions online. It kind … Continue reading Keeping Up With The Modern Joneses: Millennials And Life Milestone Posts #socialmedia #panicattack

What Are We Living For? #impress #travel #envyisthenewblack

Holidays. Work. Business. Rent. Family. The House. Cars. I can easily tell you what we save up the most for, especially with evidence to a few friends I know. It’s holidays. We will neglect our houses because we don’t own any. We will not necessarily care about style because …what’s the point when we are … Continue reading What Are We Living For? #impress #travel #envyisthenewblack