Ideal Space For Creative People: A Review For TIKTOK #5seconds #2hours #nowaddicted

I recently came across TikTok and set myself up there to reach younger kids. Gary V says it’s going to be bigger than all platforms combined

What I knew: it’s mostly video, and only short videos.
what my friend told me: faster responses, more likes in more time. And if you develop enough videos with enough followers, you could have posts going by 1 minute. Also, more rewarding.
*sends clips of professionals*

What I thought: I’ll check it out, good for business and entertainment.
What I found out: Holy crap there’s so many features here! Yep an Asian must have made them. Check out these filters!

TIKTOK: MAKE YOUR DAY … ok these guys are about fun.
What happened: heaps of selfies. Will not attempt the scripts everyone is sending. Some happiness because am entertained.

Feedback from around: It’s so stupid. Waste of time.

Thoughts on feedback: Dealing with loads of video editing features is not for everyone. Also, having the pressure to create something ‘fun’ isn’t desirable for someone that takes themselves seriously.

Go in if you love making short videos. The platform is easy to use and a bit addictive if you’re on a ‘5 minute’ break so watch out.

All in all, not a waste of time if you know what you’re doing. A lot of people are on it.

I managed to make a fun ‘poetic’ clip that I shared on Instagram and you can check it out on @vibrntanna

… Remember that time you could share ANYTHING on Instagram? That is now happening for TikTok.
And it’s not just for young’uns.

I gave it 5 stars on google play because that’s what an honest person does: state their enjoyment when they do.

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