One LV Bag Later: How I Remembered Myself In Time #greenmonster #selflove #dontforgetyourcrown

We shouldn’t be existing to just show off things in our lives – I don’t.

I just show happy moments. Me and my BFFs out on the town, a good coffee while I’m out, escaping the daily grind…. writing up a storm.
Me in a country that I always wanted to go to, me and my family at some point – with a pretty tree which was planned up for a while. An adventure, an accomplishment, a sexy night out.
Me wearing makeup I love…. The list goes on.

I have seen epic sunsets in Australia and seen snow in Switzerland. I have been in the most beautiful gardens in Spain and Ukraine and had the most delicious Borsch .
I also have a Burberry coat, a Hugo Boss coat, a Longchamp bag – 3 now in fact.

A Versace scarf which has the juicy green colour I fell for at 18.
And now I have new goals to get the ring, YSL bag and Bulgari watch I want.

What do these actually represent? I just wanted them for a while. They are luxury items which mean I enjoy the tangible goods – the art, style and feeling of ‘I have this amazing item’. Stuff that takes a lot of labour, art and fantasy to come alive.

My ring – would be the one I wear proudly on my left hand, to balance out my right hand. It’s a promise and symbol of commitment. The watch? It was a surprise – some time ago I got one of those cool wrap around bracelets in orange to give me strength when I was up against scary stuff. But the orange thing is kind of fake and I don’t want to wash it from dirt in case it discolours. Yeah, not great.

So cue me and mum walking into Bulgari to find a replacement in green. Boy was I discovering myself in there – Zurich’s biggest and poshest street, with a consultant who suggested a long wrap around watch. I liked the feel and the look instantly… and decided it was going to be mine.

So when a girl I know shows up on my Instagram with a LV bag in full show like the stunning model that she is (I mean, not an official one) … I had to work on myself to not go spastic with envy.

For one thing I am quite low key with luxury items. I won’t be showing off stuff in my life like that.
That is just not the person I am. Showing off things in a sentimental way, however, is a different thing. And I am very conscious of envious people in my life – ergo negative vibes – so I try down play all the cool stuff in my life.
And I have a lot of it! So really at the end of the day… I remember who I am and what I am doing, in order to not get derailed by someone’s epicness in a photo. After all you have no idea of the full story unless there’s an honest person in a chat telling you theirs.

You are epic as is. No luxury item can ever resemble that.
I mean, I’m not sure if I would paste a pic of my engagement ring purely to signify I’m ‘off the market’ … or do a brilliant shot of any other materialistic thing. I’m classy and have great composition skills – I want more than just a gloating moment. Besides, I can be a sentimental fish.

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