The Hotness Of Joe Manganiello #frothing #italianeyecandy

I think I might just make a Joe Manganiello tribute.
I’m a woman with bloody good taste in men: a fan of ricky martin and … some pretty substantial Spanish speaking dudes XD

When a latino approaches you
dating the player
Hook ups, latinos and john leguizamo
Me, my party boyfriend and the bar

And so I’m going to celebrate one handsome dude who landed a curvy, experienced feisty Latina. (Sofia Vergara)
If you haven’t watched Magic Mike you might as well label yourself a prude. Muscles, dancing and choreography with hilarity – I’m convinced male entertainment now has purpose. Also, Fluffy the Mexican comedian is in it.

Razor Italian cheekbones, sweet almond brown eyes and a deep voice. An 8 pack and some greys. I’m unapologetically swinging through google search for that eye candy.

He is huge. He is honest and he has heart. And he can really put the poses on. Maybe I should mention a character like that in my novels. Biggest threat to marriage ever.

YouTube how he chased his crush: its the stuff of fairy tales. Then YouTube how he convinced his crush to go out with him even though she reckoned he was too hot, too much maintenance and an actor. It is awesome entertainment and God bless. I’m glad they’re together.

Also, I repeat, eye candy.
There’s a lot of reviews for pro Italian partners and a lot of reviews against them. He is one fine example of pro Italian. … albeit with massive American influence.

From what I wrote before on Latin hook ups, these guys know how to sizzle. The only downside is the actual sizzle when you want a low key peaceful lifestyle. I may not be able to talk since I have Ukrainian roots, raised in Australia – but the fact of the matter is that the genuine family orientation, community and work ethic would appeal to many. Especially those used to the sizzle and hiss of warmer-temperament.

I guess what the most appealing thing about Joe is the masculine archetype he is symbolizing. Using the time frame he had, earnestly chasing his crush and assertively stating what he wanted in front of an equally charming, independent and intelligent lady. And respectfully too. Despite all her doubts and insecurities which were legitimate.

It is brave, noble and the glory is that of 2015, the couple is happy. It is satisfying to watch them. Er – him. Ahem.


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