Unsold Beauty: Spanish Ways #vivaespana #naturalbeauty #travel

Sunny. Gorgeous and friendly.
Something has hit me for a while now. Spain. friendly as anything, not bothered about itself or selling itself a bit like Italy and some of Europe. It is quiet and yet so huge! So much history, movements and stories. The fact that its such a mix in its culture makes it all the more intriguing.

Like the woody perfume I smelt in Granada: spicy, jasmine florals and citrus in woody base tones. A mature mix that’s not obnoxious, but mysterious and powerful and lively.

And that’s just the juicy, relaxed south I explored with my family. In Granada, Jerez de la Frontera and Seville. Astoundingly the 4 hours drive doesn’t even hit the 1/3 of Andalucía mark.

I saw the weather forecast in the H10 el Corregidor hotel and was astounded.

The country that either conquers or gets conquered. So many names scattered across the terrain because of ancient battles and kingdoms cross firing. And then the fascinating graceful effects of Islamic architecture and language that the Spaniards kept even after taking them out and replacing religion with Catholicism.
Fun fact, due to all the fights with Islamic rule the ‘de la Frontera’ cities are named specifically for being on the ‘edge’ of the fights.

These guys have to have a monarchy one way or another. Whether sultan, emperor, king or prince. These guys need colour, emotion and good cheer.

Yellow, red, orange and black. That’s warmth and character and exactly what I can relate to here despite the chaotic culture and systems.

Hotel brekky: egg, pastries, donuts. Fruit, cereal. Coffee and juice. Cold cuts. Bread. Big fruit, fried egg. Delicious dessert.

Another plus is not having to wear a jacket by early December…what a dream coming up from icy 5 degrees in Zurich.

Granada and Alhambra.
It is a very sumptuous land. Covered in endless rows of olive trees, a soil deep in sand and clay. It isn’t pretentious and it isn’t shouting ‘look at me’ but it’s much more. The monarchy likes to sparkle in endless mosaics and gold and holds the second biggest cathedral in the world.
Whether by day or night on the outside its monuments are ridiculously unpretentious and unintimidating. just like the people. Then you walk inside and get caught in another world.

At least that I can say for all the south towns. It has a friendly, relaxed atmosphere I can now understand… why people come here so much for holidays.

And then there is a secret twist (not another one Anna!) to the whole trip – I also came to check out the country and get some answers about a guy I have known for a while now. For someone like me that’s not inclined to have long distance anything, this particular dude has been open to communicating and talking out various life messes. Whatever I dish out, he comes back with something.

Friendly, social, sturdy, deep but playful like crazy – I realized I wasn’t just going out with a half Spaniard but also someone equally as mixed as me. This was someone who understood me and wasn’t afraid of me and never gave out too many questions. Someone who deeply enjoyed my company and never let me think for a moment that I could friendzone him (dang it!).

What I’m saying is, what you see is what you get with some places. It’s refreshing to get a relaxed vibe from a place equally as historical as the rest of the Mediterranean.
Come at me donuts yo.

Spanish ways on the street:
Good technology – trams, bicycles and electric scooters give me the impression people love to enjoy their city with maximum pleasure. Less cars, less stress and pollution.

Waffle smells
Woody jasmine florals
Catholic candle spices
Roasted nuts … this place is

Tapas bars keeping people happy
Traditions out on the streets
Azure blue skies covering juicy green and vibrant oranges

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