A Little Love To My Earth Signs #gettangible #tangibleresults #earthsigns

Last week I felt like making some love and getting down tonight for my earth signs.
Whether they’re a Capricorn, Taurus or Virgo – or have a moon in these – I appreciate y’all.

As I told a close girlfriend a month ago, there’s something special about the earths. Critical about their materials but NOT in giving to those they love, there’s a few elements I want to pay tribute to (no puns).

They’re persistent, they research. They look for opportunities.

It was while I was getting some guidance – lines, driving, the rules, mentorship on my first drive in two cars in Switzerland. In a village. That I noticed how much I liked the grounded vibe of my stepdad and my friends in all 3 signs. Of course I know some crazy and awesome characters in the same 3 signs too. Somehow they just make things work when living out of necessity.
God bless.

So here’s the deal…

Grounded stuff loves routine. They love facts and dates.
They are into ‘real’ stuff – no fluff and bulldust around them. Usually quite astute when they are working towards their goals. They are excellent planners and great friends because of their grounded positive natures.
Typically, I see they are evenly tempered people.


One site says:

“They’re more apt to base their reality on what is around them in form, instead of creating personal myths or assigning symbolic meanings to everything.”

Lol waters and fires do this big time. But there’s a time and place for all that.

And another says:

Grounded, pragmatic, and reliable. “
…My spidey senses definitely touched on that point.

And the last one:

“earth signs will give you tangible proof you can trust them”

OK I’m done XD

You will never see these guys go into some project or trip without a very good reason. Either they are completely into something or searching for something, or they’re not going anywhere.

I seem to have a few capricorns in my chart (Saturn, Uranus and Neptune) so maybe that would explain why I’m more docile than the average Aries. But I find power in bringing numbers and statistics to my argument. Research is awesome.


One Capricorn helped me out a lot morally and otherwise – with jobs, a project and overall feedback from this blog. He is one of the several that claims he loves the diversity of the topics.

One Virgo I know… actually has his moon in Virgo. And I bring him up because he inspired me while I was at university, working heaps and feeling very indebted. He was big on boundaries, on helping out materialistically and loves to be snug at home. He loves structure.

He likes to be called the machine, likes to be useful in practical ways (boo yah right there) and great with numbers and with people. Potentially one of the most persistent people I know, and also super economical just so he can save up for a dream flight – or a campervan. A great communicator and all around people pleaser, this sign is crazy in a way. My kind of crazy XD

A Taurus I know – one who is a neighbour of mine in Australia, another a French former colleague (like I wrote in Mediterranean battles post) are very compassionate people. Also stable personalities. My colleague, supposedly a fixed sign, is very ambitious with his goals – a quality we both share – and works super hard to achieve them. He is also one of the most decisive guys I know! Came to Australia from France as an au pair for a few months, then flew to Sydney and worked odd jobs, we met at the airport for a sales job and he is now married to his tinder match (while in Sydney) with a ton of certificates for road safety inspection, yoga and soon something to do with spas.

To me this isn’t unusual. But this guy broke status quo, proved himself, socialized and went to live in Japan with his new wife. They’re fantastic by the way.

Another Capricorn I met through couch surfing (my housemate did, I just tagged along for a dinner and chat) and a very ambitious travel loving Czech…. Would probably insist she doesn’t care about astrology because her sun in Capricorn absolutely doesn’t fit her profile. However, she is an astute networker and researcher. She loves to crack myths through travels just like me and finds ways to do life on her own terms. We typically have insightful chats about jobs, culture and travels.

At some point I remember vividly how she described the things she packed in her bag before a trip to somewhere in Africa: 50% gadgets, the rest clothes. One part of me felt intrigued, the other part mildly concerned. Stubborn earth signs by the way, are stubborn. And incredibly positive in a solid way.

My stepdad; a rather chilled out, adventurous and gentle Capricorn, taught me with clear instruction about
– driving
– relationships
– how to pour a beer
– document the banking
– basically all the smart stuff that gains adult credit. *cries in swiss german* And of course he introduced me to the comedy classics. He is also an excellent empath which I only just noticed.

Capricorns are cardinal – like me – which is why they go great with open minded airs and fires. They’re supposed to be the first to start something. They have a sense of adventure and they’re fairly liberal. Tauruses are a fixed sign and somehow give the feeling of protection, home, warmth, stability. That’s a common element in my observation. Virgos I have to say, are an invisible sign. They love to be practical, quiet and very informative. And if you don’t know one that’s like that – then maybe I just scored a brilliant dude.

All in all, I love my earth friends and family thanks to what they give and teach me.

Some have very down to earth hobbies like car mechanics, music, travel, wind surfing and gardening. Relying on the senses as an earth sign, they typically have a great sense of humour and good boundaries.
I have rarely come across a drama-fuelled earth sign. They use plenty of other tools to get attention, get to their goals and tell a story.


Just for fun I looked up the ‘challenges’ of understanding the earthies and got these points:

too much attention to the physical realm. This makes intuition and spirituality a weird topic for them. I will not lie, I broach that matter quite tactfully with these signs because you can get roasted and not in the sexy way.

Not super keen on change as they love their routine. As one guy remarked, his love of structure and guarantees made him decline on a new job that was tricky to forecast. And another friend claimed he felt down since his girlfriend left for her hometown for 2 months.
focusing so much on work and materialism that it affects other areas like relationships. Oh, this is a biggie particularly for the Virgos. One actually came around to say he was ‘purifying’ his relationships since he got into a burn out and noticed the state of affairs.  Well yes honey, you were being an ass for a reason. Desiring stability with materialism and then enjoying life… good luck.

Slow paced dating life. Another biggie, but somehow refreshing when some signs get temperamental and bounce around. And I HAVE SEEN THINGS.

Once upon a time I winged and blew a lot of steam around one particular fixed sign who has his moon in Virgo. I tell you, longest courtship of my life. And yet the development I saw was shocking.

Steamy romance, intense come-ons, more open communication because (apparently) some people are very reserved. Chase on long distance, decreasing ego, more attention… sometimes guys really do change when they want to keep their girl. And plenty of care in the form of positive feedback and reassurance. Now these guys are 1000% on reassurance and I think that’s one of the things I value most. One Capricorn I spoke to mentioned milestones in love; another mentioned keeping the private life while you’re a couple. Very pragmatic, reasonable stances.

With a Taurus, I was big on asking for plans and timelines from a very handsome, intelligent, ambitious dude I met briefly on Hinge. And I was big on honest communication because these traits demand respect. With a Capricorn I know they’re up for anything as long as they’re involved in the plan and can discuss it. As for the Virgo, god help anyone.
Just kidding – these guys are mutable, meaning they are happy to give anything as long as it is communicated. And be anything. Just don’t expect speed from these guys. They take their time observing. And I observe them XD

frugality with money due to hard work to achieve their ends and comfort. This one can make you anxious! I have learned that there is nothing wrong with being economic in your life and relationships as long as you cover the necessities. But I can understand if by going out with an impressive earthie, you get spoiled but then see how much the sign spends on itself – not much. I have had this exact feeling a few times. In that frugality is something very comforting. You don’t have to worry about impulse purchases and weird ass expenses. Everything goes towards something useful. But that’s not to say the signs aren’t revelling in luxury once they have it.

not super romantic. On contrary, I find the signs that I befriended are very sensual and romantic… just not obviously. Not on the first go or on first impression. It’s not always what you get, it’s how you get gifts – gestures – and help. The majority of them are quite affectionate once they let you ‘in’. In fact they’ll know something is off if they don’t get some affection like a hug or kiss or a nice word.

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