Bromance And The Brocode #lovelanguage #mybros

Some people are extremely picky with their food
Some people can’t hug if they had a gun to their head
Others can barely say ‘I love you’.

…So how do you then communicate love to people you care about, without being sappy, but be reasonable, and not shove food down their throat?

Once I got a sweet sentence from a good friend who said ‘please don’t self destruct’ when I was going through heartache.

Next I find myself telling a worn out guy trying to relax through sport and socializing, ‘are you in tact?’ and ‘are you feeling human?’

Nevermind his reply: I have a digital life… texts leave a lot to interpretation and lots of signals can be mixed. That’s just the way it is!

But next thing I know, I’m saying g’bye to a good friend who was extremely helpful in many projects and questions – especially as teacher and in many elements in life.
And what I said after a brief, warm hug was : keep yourself in tact.

I think I broke the bro code. Typically sarcastic and competitive by nature, testosterone has a language of its own. Bro code can be rough, compared to the girl code. But it bonds through play, games and basically establishing who’s on top half the time.

You learn how to figure out what’s a love language as opposed to ‘oh sweetheart that dress looks beautiful!’ coming from your best friend.

Saying keep yourself in tact is up there with ‘gnight bud’, ‘look after yourself mate’ and so on.


Hope you enjoyed this, follow me for more!

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