A Little Love To My Earth Signs #gettangible #tangibleresults #earthsigns

Last week I felt like making some love and getting down tonight for my earth signs.Whether they’re a Capricorn, Taurus or Virgo – or have a moon in these – I appreciate y’all.As I told a close girlfriend a month ago, there’s something special about the earths. Critical about their materials but NOT in giving … Continue reading A Little Love To My Earth Signs #gettangible #tangibleresults #earthsigns

Bromance And The Brocode #lovelanguage #mybros

Some people are extremely picky with their foodSome people can’t hug if they had a gun to their headOthers can barely say ‘I love you’. …So how do you then communicate love to people you care about, without being sappy, but be reasonable, and not shove food down their throat?Once I got a sweet sentence … Continue reading Bromance And The Brocode #lovelanguage #mybros

Saving Fcuks: The Anna Edition #savingfcuks #lifehack #priorities

I feel like we have lost the plot with all the modern f words. But that’s just my personal opinion. The subtle art of giving a fcukSaving your fcuks for special things We are being so sarcastic about the need to care about something because of high risk and low reward - that I believe … Continue reading Saving Fcuks: The Anna Edition #savingfcuks #lifehack #priorities

Life Coaching And Happy Conclusions #lifeistooshort #doyou

I just had a real fascinating time with coaching several people in stages of life crisis - relationships - and self development. At the risk of sounding like a preacher woman, I have come to these conclusions: Life experiences are sent down to us. It is our job to find out learning points to all … Continue reading Life Coaching And Happy Conclusions #lifeistooshort #doyou