2 Minute Skin Love ft. Adriana And Vogue #protip #skinisanorgan #getsparkly #comfortzone

Skincare routines, the models and my 2 minute skin love

So I need to get something clear here.
As a girl who is usually on the road and quite a tomboy nerd at heart, I don’t really have a beauty routine and I don’t actively shop for tips on maintaining skin routines either.

All I do is exfoliate and moisturize and remove makeup when I must. Adulthood hits hard, you want to be confident and comfortable. No surprises there. Plus half my bathroom is in my bag out of convenience. It’s a girl thing (and should be a guy thing too)

So I go onto youtube for fun – and randomly – to watch a latina’s beauty routine thanks to vogue and I find the tutorials ….. hypocritical. Like simple stuff turns into masks and mixing stuff and SPF creams (although that really had me thinking) – thanks to Kourtney Kardashian, Eiza Gonzalez and my favourite – Adriana Lima. 

I noticed the one that I relate to the most is the last one. She has a direct, sensual, fast and experienced approach. She is so playful and the video wasn’t boring to watch.

She also mentions mixing BB Cream and Primer on your hands and just tapping the face with that mix. Then she experiments with the tone of lipstick for a ‘2 minute party makeup’ look. Way more my style. Then she mixes 2 nude eyeshadow colours – again, I’m a fan of this stuff finishing with a blush – no contouring.

I freaking love that model. She is just so real and straightforward. Oh and then there’s Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Eccentric britishness but so much character and transparency on camera, I decided to give a mention.

I have my arguments for beauty based on some crazy things I mentioned before like chasing brands because frankly, what works for one person may not work for another. So you go shopping for tips if you’re that mad about it or you can just learn from experience what works for you.

I emphasized the point of hydration between getting close to Personal Trainers and doing a bit of modelling but the fact that you get tips from models on how to look pretty is hilarious –

  1. They model. They are paid to sell/be in character on mediums like cameras. Which is not something the average joe on the street will ever need to do (unless he’s Hemsworth or our famous Worthington man) … we have amazing Aussie genes down here.
  2. They lead totally different lives from others. The only value you get is an intimate picture of someone’s routine – some needs – some entertainment from their personality – and I don’t know, maybe something about them strikes you as relatable and you take a tip from them?
  3. That argument of being blessed with certain features that require 0 work in order to ‘smoulder’. I understand the frustration and annoyance for some people, as per my argument – you need to have a great relationship with yourself to figure out what works for you. Not for the chick with baby blue eyes or caramel hue skin or natural thick lips – YOU.

My own summarized tips for skincare go beyond how the light is going to hit you:

  • Exfoliate. Bring out the dead skin – maybe twice a week for winters.
  • Skin cream. Moisturize that stuff baby and don’t let me hear about itchy skin. Back, face, neck, feet, no discrimination here. It’s all one giant heavy organ, act accordingly.
  • Concealer for break outs or pimples anywhere. This means no unwanted spots and you can dry the break out before anything bigger happens to it or you have to pick at it. I prefer Dr Hauschka concealer. Never spent so much, never was so happy with that stick.
  • For an event, get a face spray toner to keep skin PH balance even. Why am I talking about this? Less oil/shine on camera when you get tipsy and send a hot selfie to some lucky bastard. You’ll look back going ‘dayum’.
  • Brow gel. This is something I’m working on because I’ve noticed how awkward stray eyebrows can be, the importance of eyebrow presentation at work and how embarrassing it is when some fluff comes on the brows and you have no idea. I am not really a sophisticated chick with her face plastered deep in makeup so getting around to this after all the advice from professionals, has been a personal development thing.

Ultimately what I am trying to tell you guys, is that you will feel nicer once you pay attention to the skin and how much it is doing for you – and just help it in the process.

Thanks to all the travels I’ve done and aircons I’ve been under in corporate jobs – and natural activities like swimming and walking, I put a big deal on carrying lotion around. In fact you can tell how hectic my life gets with the amount of glam I put on. The more simple I am the more I have going on.
You need to remember all your organs need support as they support you. If you see it all as a cycle (like I wrote here under supporting empaths ) then that might help.

Enjoy yourself, your inner beauty and your intentions will be very loud out there 😉

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