The Frenchies, the Italians and the Great Mediterranean Battles #hailcaesar #questionmark #latinorwhat

I wrote that title and felt some distinct roman-ness in my ears XD

I have been to both countries, tasted their food, welcomed their fashion and become friends with the people.

There is spectacular political innuendo going on in both countries.
There is also crazy drama happening.

And there are heaps of people who dislike either nationality. I know one guy who will take any excuse to not take either nationality seriously – Even if one of our close friends is partnered with one.

Having worked with at least 4 frenchies and countless Italians, I tend to drift towards Italians who have insane family values which I share – and less of the cultural poshness that the frenchies do.

However given that I know at least 4 french people who are cool, I will say what I liked about the ones I hung out with:

Open minded

Love travel

Not snobs to any culture, one has a Croatian Australian boyfriend and another a Japanese wife.

Great wit

Great cultural understanding.

Gave me feedback on figure, clothes, hair, nationalities and friends

Happy to learn and serve others

Then the Italians I know

Fairly proud

Fairly protective

Thanks to the above, can be snobs to the overall way of life of any other culture – close to the greeks. Or arabs.

Very charming

Quite warm blooded
Compatible with any warm blooded culture from eastern Europe, America, Spain and I don’t know..Germany?

The Great Mediterranean Battles

I got all dramatic for effect but then as stated above, kinda drifted into roman era dramedy. I guess because it has been so long that the Mediterranean had a roman empire – the damn thing can’t function without referring to history, and some might argue that this is also what is breaking Europe a little. Frozen in the past  😊

Stay tuned, I might put in my 2 cents about Greek myths… and the Wog Boys #relatablecontent

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