A Craving For Bondi Blue Jeans #bondiblue #jeans #freshfeel #islandhome

So like my previous posts on coming down to Australia (my island home) and all the good stuff that goes with it – I realized I had stocked up on great clothes to take down and live in for a couple of years if not more…

But my intention was not to worry and look and feel good about what I had on, and I did well – however.

These are the tropics. The same colours and fabric that look great in Europe, look far too neat in down under. And far too dark. Especially when your girl (das me) gets sick of wearing blacks and greens in winter. And far too heavy.

Suddenly, I want something fresh. Like, beach blue fresh. Like, super bright blue. But not poisonous or bland blue.

At the end of July – when I’m starting to get over winter – I start looking for bright, blue, beach-y toned jeans. Online it is tricky especially at the price I want – $30 maximum. And don’t forget, cute butts are a thing and you want to feel comfy AND good in denim things.

It’s a tricky situation, but I went in. And my trolley got full of options – then I was wondering what petite meant, what boyfriend jean meant, what straight jean was supposed to be – I semi gave up and went to the closest discount store. … while getting emails of a shopping trolley I left behind.

Life shouldn’t be expensive – I’m fine to spend $35 on jeans if I see they’re good. I come across one rack that holds my size in a cropped cut but exactly the blue I’m looking for. Just slightly tight around the waist and a bit of stiff material BUT I am very happy with the shade. And it is on clearance – $20. Looking very attractive.

I walk out with my Bondi blues, deeper blue toned jeggings – and yoga pants. All for $55. A steal, a genius plan, and I am feeling good.

Happy. Fresh. Summery.

Holy crickets even my figure looks good – this is the pinnacle of female positive mood. When sh-t just ALIGNS. And now I’m ready for spring, please and thank you very much.

A note on the two words: Bondi Blue has many associations, and most of them are not cheap. I think hair, health, food, anything to do with a beach lifestyle. I repeat, none of them have a cheap price.

At its core, the blue associated with bondi is fresh and fantastic. It has a connotation that is tropical, juicy that no other blue can hold. Just look at the pictures on google. There is a restaurant on the south Bondi side that is called Iceberg Blue and hosts the most picturesque spot on the beach, serving brunch and other menus. Then when you see the instantly crisp, tropical hue of blue over there it is all systems go. Pleasing to the eye, chill and tranquil with a sporty feel.

But Bondi Blue has several shades to it as well. Reason I mention this is that my jeans are from the bleached, ‘bright’ blue side of the spectrum. And it was the only tone to satisfy my craving for a fresh, turquoise, lighter side of cyan blue hue.

Jeans – vodka – clothes – cocktails, menus – we have an entire unique economy based on the colours of Bondi Beach water. And we pay for it because it truly is unique.

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