Limited Edition: To Chase Or Not To Chase A Brand? #fashiongiants #communication #confusion

There were so many issues and so many points of interest for this post that I needed to sound out the realness of the issues to my friends – to find out the real meat of the problem.

Like, greed. Like, relying on customer brand loyalty.

Where did this thought even come from – that’s easy. Chasing down favourite lipsticks, shirts and more. Stores close down, customer databases get screwed up. Phone lines are not manned. You have to think outside the box to even get to your desired product.

We are facing a time of great change, ok.
Stores do their thing.

Companies shift and slide into different structures, ok.
…. Do we get any communication about whether we will get a product we fell in love with and chasing for, or if the store is still standing with its staff and stock ?

Well, as I chased down a few items I rolled my eyes – no of course they do not. The priority is on getting business sorted – leave the fuming customers to the customer care line.

Or of course, give them a number and send them to a different branch.
I did all the above.
As someone with a full-time job, with cash and needs, running around tired and hungry and a smidge confused, I feel that’s just a standard of business that’s falling.

Someone’s structure changes and it causes about 500 problems, as I told a family friend mentioning my chase for my beloved shade of lipstick from a reputable brand and for some amazing basics from another wonderful brand.

It’s even more amazing when you realize for a customer business, how some product databases are being used to answer problems that should be localized – and really customized. Or even the type of database that is being used. Passing by 3 types of irrelevant feedback and some robotic customer service emails, I really had to marvel.

One lipstick. So much fuss.

‘Was it the database for sydney?’ one store assistant asked me, intent on finding my previous shade.
‘I assume so,’ I say, wondering why I was asked when I knew jack all about what database the centralized, global customer service line used.
‘it might have been a completely different database, because we still have some stock here,’ the assistant tells me, with the standard righteousness of someone who knows her stuff. To her credit, she pushed for finding the stock and left me to order for delivery.

If it wasn’t for customer loyalty, these companies would be totally screwed. I would not go to one that dismisses the human touch of talking to people – the actual people that keep you in business.

And something told me the companies knew this very well. Why else would they push to have a horribly designed shirt, a more expensive one, as an essential after an in-demand design at a reasonable price and good quality? It. Is. Baffling. And a bit blind.

It’s funny because due to lack of time and all these online stores, deliveries reduce a giant headache of physical searches by 90%. Note, not mental. Just physical.
You know – when stores want to relocate, don’t communicate, or a brand moves somewhere? It is about giants owning the small stores.
Buying online now is the easiest way. Not going anywhere, no confusion, hunger or calls to places that dont answer.

Confusion: which brand where. Things move fast. Discontinuation, limited edition and shades.

Lastly, insulation against customers. It’s a thing. I know a case where one guy was trying to get a refund on a car deal that in 2 weeks, went very sour. there were serious mechanical issues. This was a driveaway deal. And he went through several layers of management, finally reaching a very disturbed executive in regards to his case with some very strong, reputable evidence of the car break down. Several teams worth of feedback was not only wrong but stubbornly wrong. He and everyone who knew about the case, including me, was not very surprised about the level of business ethics but in total, shocked at how deep the customer insulation went.

Seeing as there are a bunch of businesses who outsource many parts of their operations – I think I am astounded they even remember why they exist.

This is how I fume and address the injustice that so many people witness as loyal consumers. I hope you could relate to this and if you loved this give me a follow.

*quietly mourns a cotton beautifully shaped navy blue top while searching singlets*

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