Books That Should Be On Our Shelves Right Now #inlove #bookservice #thisisinvestment

Following my post on reflections of being an accidental blogger and all the beauties that come with that –

I decided I should do a book list because although there is A LOT of information out there, I feel some should be on our shelves to help us RIGHT NOW.

….And I am currently in love with a book service: Booktopia and Book Depository. In that order. Blame my long distance relationships, I like the idea of a delivered gift to myself.


Why? Well… they each have epic life journeys I was curious about and wisdom that makes you have faith in life and the crazy obstacles you encounter. The human stories are also incredibly relatable.
For those looking for validation that their life call is legit… the below will have you hooked.
 But here’s why these guys are special to me individually:

Oprah Winfrey – one fascinating, open, inspiring figure who just chased her dream. She did so well her name is associated with many things and known to everyone around the world. She has heaps of wisdom, experience and informed opinions on the purpose of life and being human. Always will be a classic to watch on TV.

Ricky Martin – very inspiring man with an epic life story, retells the backstory behind many events. He conquered the American market and made way for pop latin in 1990s. I find his family background fascinating as I dived deep into latino culture and have Slavic roots myself, finding a lot in common with this celebrity. One very respectful man with a lot of insights on what he did, what he did wrong, his journeys with media and juggling family with being a celebrity. I admire how something so epic from the outset, looks so much like a struggle from the mind of a man who REALLY wanted to perform and make a difference.

Richard Branson – one flamboyant and yet very authentic businessman, a very relatable man who likes to break into markets, I read Screw It Lets Do It in two sittings. Easy read. Lately I want to read ‘Behind The Mask’ because he isn’t doing his usual stunts, and there’s gotta be a reason why.

Robin Williams (RIP) – The genius and insanity behind all of his legendary work. The warmth and art is palpable in Dead Poets Society.


Can You Die Of A Broken Heart?

Written by an Australian female heart surgeon, it’s such a readable book I couldn’t put it down. Plus, she answers important questions about sleep, the female heart and the incredible power of a genuine support system. Actually this might not be for the weak hearted. I found it very cathartic.

Thank you, Dr Nikki Stamp


I just wrote that to make it a theme. I find politics crucial to daily life. And I think it’s important to be aware of what’s going on in your neighbourhood. This book I haven’t even read halfway through – it’s a beautiful masterpiece of research that answers every question of culture, movement, and critical struggles in our life that’s got nothing to do with our decisions – and everything to do with what some big wigged emperor is saying overseas.

The Silent Invasion, Clive Palmer

Terrorism and Current Political Climate:

The Price Of Paradise by Iain Overton. OMG. OMG.
Do you know what most concerns me after reading this book? How something so crucial to our living and livelihood NOW is not mainstream knowledge… and I guess, for a good reason.

I freaking squealed in one of the most comprehensive bookstores in the country. The only reason I didn’t leave the store with it – because my bag was packed and already heavy.

I was in kinokuniya, HOOKED for about over 3 hours – that’s big for me. Why?

It is about suicide bombers – how they have shaped the modern world. Since 1890, then covering 9.11. It was so good and hit the nail on so many questions I had about privacy, commercialism, security, technology, world affairs, American twisted affairs – prisons, the law system and human treatment. How it has all changed after America felt the 9/11 hit, no puns. Influences on architecture, Artificial Intelligence – governments, challenges to military strategies and how British, Irish and American Intelligence is selling their specialty.
Again, a very readable and poignant, readable book. I salute you, Iain.

If I managed to intrigue you into googling this book, I did something good today. *hands in prayer*


I scoured Dirty Talk and recently bought She Comes First for a reason; I’m fascinated by the male perspective on something that is to do with a couple – not him, not her – but a couple. Many, many eye opening points.

I am a big advocate on education and understanding so how can this type of education be bad?
Figure yourself out, figure out what works, communicate that stuff (the boys – and girls are waiting)
It’s all down to communication and knowing what you want – dirty talk is just a label we put on something ‘a little too much’ and ‘not mainstream’.
Enough of taboos, you have one life to live, make it count.


The Coaching Habit by Michael Bungay Stanier: Initially I took it because I believed I needed a few tips on my new side gig. Then I really liked the format, sass and wit and how accessible the book was. Big headings – big bottom line points. Easy to follow. And you can’t go past the colourful, bright cover.

Then, I decided there were parts in there that anyone in management or leadership could follow. Hell, even to push discussions or negotiate or be aware of corporate team psychology. So I had two more copies sent – one to a guy I was talking to in regards to how to say no to people and stay respected and one to a boss girlfriend who could benefit from a few chapters.

If you see it and like it, pass my regards to the author. And give a nice review on Amazon, I think he deserves it.

Give that knowledge strip some loving. Remember, drink plenty – take breaks, exercise and make sure to sound proof the doors from your squeals.

But not about the water and exercise.

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