Eiffel Tower, The Sydney Harbour Bridge, The Golden Gate Bridge #yourhome #whichbridgegetsyouup

No matter how small. We look up to things. When we have time.

It’s funny how some large project – the Eiffel tower, the Sydney harbour bridge, the golden gate bridge – may have had some controversy while being built and reception may have been negative at first (c’est la vie, no one likes change unless it comes wrapped in chocolate or puppies) – but in time, it becomes EVERYTHING.

A symbol, an icon, a geographical and political point of differentiation.
ooooh I’m in London, ooooh I’m in Cali – check this beauty out, I’m in Sydney!
or mais oui, Paris is always a good idea.

And when you’re on the train at 8am getting to work, there’s nothing like the sight of the heights of the city glimmering back at you in the morning sun. Reminding you of where you are, the beauty of the city, the joys of the city and most importantly – what to be proud of and what you’re striving for in life.

This could be too deep of course and you just like shiny things but I can’t help marvel when a whole train carriage full of people turns their heads to check the view before more dark tunnels and underground marble meets the eye.

We all want to see something that is bigger than ourselves. We all want to be contributing to something that unites us.

The elements of every building in each city can be different and this is a great thing – no 2 things should be the same (apart from the twin towers and I’m not going into depth there) – because we don’t want something sterile, we want something relatable, historical and meaningful.

THAT’S what we pay thousands for, THAT’S what makes us fly lots of kilometres across the world for. And that’s what gives us reason to get out of bed (somedays, can only speak for myself)

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