3 Reasons I Love Blogging And Inspiration To Follow Your Passion #accidentalblogger #inspo

Why did I start this crazy committed process?

It was an accident! Part of a semi failed university project like in any sci-fi film. Cue mad scientist cackle.

Now for the serious stuff –

  1. I learn a lot and it contributes to my career which is sweet – marketing and communication, the process of putting posts together and thinking about sources.
  2. Creative outlet; pictures, clickbait title, writing, I’m inspired all the time… I want to put things together to express myself
  3. Feedback is fascinating.
    a. I get validation for my thoughts since I bring experience and research together for a generation that’s basically always online and virtually unheard about by the older generation (see why older gen doesn’t respect our issues)

b. I get fuel from others when they see I write real stuff, address real issues and happily write about them in anonymous fashion. Such as strawberry kisses, we protest:marriage.

c. every part of my life contributes, even my love life and work life. Just call me a holistic chick

Because people see I am consistent in my hobby (which is evolving into more fun AND impactful projects) I am treated differently. I am the voice, I want to empower my age group, I want better life quality and the chance to in a way, save the world somehow. I want the naked truth to be out there and if no one is doing it, it may as well be me.

Like why are we sitting scared, silent, with YouTube and Netflix blazing crazy stories at us – and we live in a dystopian place where elderlies take 0 accountability and 1000% of the credit and profit? This question fuels me.

The amount of support I am getting from older people AND from entrepreneurs my age is mind blowing.

The world is changing, we need to do something about that and put higher value on our lives.
Now some challenges I faced while on this blogging journey:

  1. People assume I can get paid or get something from this platform…. That’s not why I started this. Knowing your mission is damn important when starting out. Because it brings you back to the larger focus of the project when life gets in the way.
  2. Going for a cool title and getting to the meat of the matter, is something I enjoy but always takes me a minute to spit out.
  3. Opting for my own pics and my friends pics instead of general internet stuff that could mean trouble in case you become famous for a post.
  4. BEING OK with fun articles when writing so many in depth controversial pages. I learned to like the fluffy stuff because too much controversy can be exhausting to deal with. Lots of respect to political journalists right here.
  5. You start to take your creative side more seriously, respectfully and honourably. I didn’t feel this way several years ago.
  6. Summarizing what the hell you blog about to seniors, CMOs, dates, work colleagues and acqaintances. This is where feedback helps a lot. Out of the crazy material you get someones beautiful summary of impressions.
  7. Getting over the weird formatting every 2nd or 5th blog because people come to read and not for a VS fashion show.
  8. Holding your ground when people ask you to blog on fluffy or irrelevant topics
  9. Also holding your ground and not reacting when people make fun of the themes, title etc.
  10. Being honest about your intentions when people ask the purpose of the blog. In a consumerist, captilastic society writing about truthful experience in a raw way with some tongue in cheek humour is a bit threatening. But it gets better. But the honesty earns respect, listening ears and empathy. And perhaps support.

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