The Irony: Me, My Party Boyfriend And The Bar #watchthisspace #whostheattentionwhorenow

I’m laughing. I’m surrounded by leos – the masters of drama and theatre,
and yet once upon a time – or maybe even now – I was the real attention whore.

not for people… but for the reaction effect.
not for my ego, but for entertainment of those around me.

Not to receive attention, but to find out what I could get away with in public.

You might need a few minutes to digest this information.

So once I remember being at a bar with my guys friends – on my right – and my guy on the left. Me in the middle. It was another night where we gathered, had a drink and had some fun. But tonight was special… because there was a curious vibe in the air. The one I tried to deny or play cool about. The crowd of latino girls, his friends, looked at me with wide eyes and said in a hushed voice
‘Is that your boyfriend?’

It was like, a big deal.

*turns into Britney spears, blows gum bubble*

And I kind of knew I could have my way around my guy – a big, handsome, charming Andalusian who had decided to hit on me many times during a very memorable summer. I liked the attention and I went with it…. Sort of.

It was a power trip, I will admit. Someone I couldn’t quite get past. Suddenly he was in my hands in public. Especially when I said –

‘Yeah he is.’ (or something to that effect)
My dude protests – ‘we haven’t done anything! Not kissed, or had sex.’
VERY loudly.

But even LOUDER I say ‘ WE HAVE DEALS!’

‘That’s true,’ he says with wide eyes. And that’s it, the protest stops. I get my way in public.
This was after having declared he missed me one night and came up with plans to hang out more.

The huge irony that I sold a white lie in public, consciously as pay back for the fact that this guy drove me nuts. I had no idea it would continue for a couple more years, over oceans and heartaches.

There you go. A story of me, my boyfriend and the bar. Three years ago. Watch this space. **

** Starting a super fun experiment on YouTube and still in touch with my guy.

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